On 24 November and 1 December 2016, the second MGCI Donut Eating Competition was held in the cafeteria at lunch by the Spirit Committee. The competition’s profits were donated to SMILE Family Support Services, a charity that supports disadvantaged families with disabled or ill children. To participate, each competitor paid a fee of fifty cents.


Students attempted to eat donuts, while blindfolded, on the cafeteria’s stage. Photo: Matthew Tse

The rules of the event were simple. A maximum of four contestants could compete and each person got one donut, which was hung from a string at mouth level. The competitors were blindfolded and forbidden to use their hands. The first person to completely finish their donut was the winner and if the donut fell off the string, the contestant would be disqualified.

The audience enjoyed the event thoroughly and cheered for each competitor. On the other hand, contestants had varying opinions. Husain Mallida said it was “embarassing” but still “fun”. Another contestant Aslam Azami, who had competed in last year’s event enjoyed it immensely and “would do it again”.

SMILE Family Support Services was chosen as the recipient of the profits by the student body of Garneau. To incorporate student involvement, a poll in the MGCI Updates 2016-2017 Facebook group encouraged students to vote for a charity that the funds would go to.

The organizer of the event, Spirit Convenor Czarina Facun, felt it was a success. About 24 people participated in the event with many more students in the audience. She said, “People were cheering and having fun watching the competition and people were a lot more eager to play in this activity than previous ones.” Czarina also said that friends could compete against each other, adding excitement to the activity.

When asked about what she could do better, Czarina said, “Maybe we could improve on having more people on at one time. At the end more people wanted to play but we didn’t have enough space or donuts.” Another Donut Eating Competition may be held in second semester and Czarina promises to improve the event. SAC also commented that it has more spirit events planned for December.