Student council has pulled together and organized another event for students—the D-Frost Dance. Due to the absence of a Valentine’s Day dance, this event is a highly welcomed product of student council’s efforts and collaboration with administration. Additionally, student council has agreed to a ticket price of $15 and a $5 discount to anyone who attended Winterfest. Not only was this a winning compromise with the administration, but also an attractive incentive for Winterfest attendees attend.

Administration originally had plans for a Valentine’s Day dance open to only those who took part in the Winterfest activities, and this rule would extend to any dances in the future. Student council, who rightfully felt this would be unfair to the other students, refused to organize the dance altogether. Between February and April members of the student council proposed a plan that would benefit everybody. SAC vetoed the rule allowing only Winterfest attendees to participate in school dances, but compromised by discounting the tickets of those attendees. Along with maintaining equal accessibility to dances across the student body, this ensured that dances in the future will not suffer from poor turnout. However, rewards were offered to those who participated in Winterfest in the form of a $5 discount for the D-Frost dance. These students were faced with an unexpected and pleasant surprise, which was no doubt persuasive enough to encourage ticket sales. Student council’s attempt to make up for the Valentine’s Day blunder has been a general success for the committee.