The fourth annual Grade 9 barbecue took place on 21 September 2016 at 11:40 am. Grade 9 students were given tickets by their teachers and received a hot dog, Nutrigrain bar, and a drink. With the help of student volunteers and local community support, the Student Success Office hosted the event. At the barbecue, Grade 9s got the opportunity to socialize amongst their grade and meet new friends.


Grade 9 students received a lunch at the Grade 9 Barbecue held by Student Success. Photo: Cindy Cui

In comparison to last year, Vice Principal Mr.Sharp said that the barbecue had fewer seniors trying to join in and remained a Grade-9-only event. Mr. Sharp also commented that it was well attended by most Grade 9 students.

The event aims to bring the freshmen to a level of comfort around their peers, specifically peers of the same age as them. Alongside the barbecue, Student Success will also be running a Grade 9 dance on 7 December during fifth period. Ms. McIsaac, one of the Student Succes teachers, planned the dance so that it would coincide with the pep rally held by SAC that week.

When asked for improvements, Jessica Guo, a Grade 9 student, said she would have preferred if the barbeque was more organized, and there was a better line up. The rush to the food tables was hectic, and many students felt themselves being pushed while waiting for a hot dog.

The Grade 9 barbecue coincided with the Social Justice and Equity Committee’s International Day of Peace March. Even the SAC cougar appeared at the event to increase the school Spirit. Grade 9s were given the opportunity to enjoy a free meal while attending one of their first school-wide events. Overall, students had a great time, spending the lunch hour making new friends.