On 6 December 2017, the Mind Your Mind club held a workshop on meditation using crystal singing bowls.

Mind Your Mind’s seven-member executive team organizes workshops every Wednesday, with special guests regularly invited. They have previously held a bullet journaling and a slime making workshop.

For this workshop the team invited Jessie Buck, a specialist in yoga and breathwork, to share his experiences with participants and help them meditate. Around fifteen students attended, as well as a few teachers.

Jessie began the workshop by sharing how mindfulness helped him get through school and improve his academic achievement. When talking about his school life, he told the group, “No one had ever taught me how to breathe.” He said a teacher at his school taught him diaphragmatic breathing, and that was “the one thing that turned my life around.”

He placed strong emphasis on the importance of the breath, saying that it determines where people are at emotionally. He also explained the concept of mindfulness to the group, saying, ”It is about being present in only this moment; present with what is, and not the worry of what will be.”

Students attempting to meditate using quartz bowls. Photo: Ava Pun

Participants then spread out yoga mats across the room and were encouraged to lie down if they were inexperienced or new to mindfulness and meditation. Jessie started off the meditation session by ringing  his bell. He then used crystal singing bowls, which are made of quartz, to create a resonating sound by running a mallet around them.

He explained that the logic behind why crystal meditation is effective is their sound, which causes the water in your body to vibrate and enables people to clear their mind.  After practicing mindfulness for nine to eleven minutes with the crystal bowls, the mind goes from beta state to alpha state. In neuroscience, there are five different brain wave frequencies, and these are two of them. Beta brainwaves occur when attention is directed towards cognitive tasks and the outside world, while alpha brainwaves occur during wakeful relaxation with closed eyes. This transfer of the state of mind is said to cause an incredible clear-mindedness. The meditation ended with the ring of another bell.

After the meditation, Jessie talked about the purpose of meditation, and its message of kindness, compassion, and self love. He said everyone’s mantra should be “I love myself unconditionally.” He also encouraged the group to try to take five  minutes out of their day to meditate using any online resource and turn it into a practice.

A regular attendee of the workshops, when asked why she attends them, said, “They’re great because they provide me with a break from school, and give me a chance just to relax once in the week.”

Overall, the workshop was a success and students seemed to enjoy it. Jessie truly believed in what he did and his passion rubbed off onto everyone. When talking about what inspired him to begin doing these workshops with students, he said, “Trying to empower youth is my intention. When you are empowered, you feel like anything can be done.”