Love is arguably just a product of luck and a highly contextual occurrence. While the media constantly portrays couples as being lovey-dovey and compassionate, the reality is quite different.

Much of whether a relationship is able to occur owes itself to the circumstances of the surrounding situation. In other words, you may not love someone because you truly appreciate their personality and character. It could just be due to the context you see them in. You see, the context is almost like a colourful kaleidoscope and changes everything that you’re able to see. Sometimes it seems as though everything is vibrantly multicoloured and perfectly symmetrical but other times, a catastrophic combination of colours line up in an unappealing fashion.

This aspect of luck is usually what catalyzes short-term relationships. People act as they wish and are simply lucky when their actions mirror the expectations of them. It’s like the moment when a flustered person panickedly tries to fit a cluster of different keys inside a lock one by one with an incomprehensible urgency. Your heart anxiously waits to see if it is in fact the right key and you think, Why can’t I just mark all my keys? Alas, after a few more moments of struggling, it finally happens and you exhale a small, relieved breath. That’s what it’s like. When the expectations match reality. And what happens?

There it is. Another brownie point that makes another random person seem a tad bit more attractive. And most of the time, these keys are hidden amid an abundance of other ones. As you’re trying each key inside the lock, some of them will slide in just a little and you’ll feel a little glimmer of false hope. Realizing that it isn’t the right key is probably overwhelmingly disappointing. That’s why they call it a short-term relationship.

Have faith. You’ll probably eventually get to the right key.