Applause and catcalls were heard on 31 October 2013, as dozens of monsters, zombies, and superheroes made their way down the catwalk. The Halloween fashion show took place in the cafeteria during lunch, resulting in a very large audience. The event itself was organized by members of the student council, primarily Spirit Convener Khadija Aziz.

The contestants were all enthusiastic and enjoying themselves. This reflected well with the audience, as was evident with the amount of cheering involved.

“This event is really good for school spirit,” said Thomas Mircea, a Grade 11 student. “I thought this wouldn’t turn out to be all that great, but I was pleasantly surprised. The costumes are well thought out, and everyone seems to be happy.”

However, not everyone was satisfied with the way the fashion show turned out. In fact, scattered throughout the crowd were disappointed students.

“The whole execution of the event was sloppy and haphazard,” said Terry Li, also in Grade 11. “It was difficult to hear the emcees, the participants did not enter on cue and were often switched around abruptly and without warning, and I didn’t realize there was a closing ceremony until it was over.”

Of the costumes involved, the fan favourites included the Joker, the “Unknown” (a zombie-like terror), a Cat Lady, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and perhaps the most popular of them all, Superman and Wonder Woman.