Welcome to the first installment of The Reckoner’s music Reckommendations!

Today, our theme will be on perhaps the most overlooked genre of music, country.

Now, when many of you hear the words “country music”, you think of rednecks, trucks, and country girls (for the more thirsty-minded of us).


However, country music isn’t just about rednecks, trucks, and girls. Country music is about nostalgia, love, and just having a good time!

This contemporary country playlist starts out upbeat and boisterous with Upside Down, Homegrown, and Backroad Song. All happy songs about life out in the country.

There is a brief interlude with Biscuits, an uncommon ballad by Kacey Musgraves. Much of her music is about a carefree lifestyle, exploring your freedom, and trying new things. Something all of us can try.

We then transition to a more nostalgic feeling, with Southern Style, Stay a Little Longer, and Country. You might want to grab a few biscuits.

Next, we move into the darker side, where all the hidden emotions are revealed. We exchange the playfulness of youth for the seriousness of adulthood. First, we get hit with Talladega, a song about a naive childhood, punctuated by NASCAR and whiskey.

Sorry, but drinking is a fact of life.

Following that, we have Like A Wrecking Ball, coming back to an old love. Raw emotions dominate this song, and it manages to be astonishingly erotic without any explicit content.

Many songs recognize their genre’s own bad habits, and country is no exception. Whiskey On My¬†Breath describes the woes of drinking, drinking whiskey to be exact.

Finally, we have two of the saddest, and greatest songs in this week’s list, One Hell of An Amen and Dress Blues. They describe sacrifices that none of us can even begin to imagine, sacrifices defending our freedom.

Country Reckommendations

  1. Upside Down – Dean Brody
  2. Homegrown – Zac Brown Band
  3. Backroad Song – Granger Smith
  4. Biscuits – Kacey Musgraves
  5. Southern Style – Darius Rucker
  6. Stay A Little Longer – Brothers Osborne
  7. Country – Mo Pitney
  8. Talladega – Eric Church
  9. Like A Wrecking Ball – Eric Church
  10. Whiskey on My Breath – Love and Theft
  11. One Hell Of An Amen – Brantley Gilbert
  12. Dress Blues – Zac Brown Band

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