On 22 March 2018, Marc Garneau held its Clubs Fair for the second semester in the galleria at lunch. Organized by SAC, the Clubs Fair happens once every semester and is combined with unhealthy food day. Through the unhealthy food sale, clubs also raise money towards the SAC budget and have the opportunity to promote their activities and attract new members with posters, flyers, and information cards.

This semester, there were twelve clubs that participated in the fair: the International Relief Foundation, Muslim Student Association, Mind Your Mind, Entrepreneurial Thinking, International Show, Orphan Sponsorship, The Reckoner, DECA, ALS, Prom Committee, and Me2We. The clubs set up booths with bright posters advertising themselves. Mind Your Mind club members handed out free bracelets and info cards on mental health and where to get help. Other clubs sold a variety of unhealthy foods including cake pops, pizza, and lattes.

Clubs selling food for the unhealthy foods sale. Photo: Russell Ijaya

Harini Wijeyakumar, SAC Clubs Convenor, said that the positions for semester two’s Clubs Fair were limited, as the previous one had been too crowded. She said,“Although the event was successful last time, it was pretty hectic. It was difficult for students to move around and whatnot. I wish that we could improve the flow of students but it’s difficult because we have such a large student population.”

Harini thought that overall, the event was a great success and she supports the future organization of events similar to the Clubs Fair. “I like that it’s an event that allows for the improvement of the relationship between clubs and the student body. Clubs fairs and other events allow students to meet new people and perhaps even find a group of people that share a similar hobby or interest, that’s really what clubs are all about!”

A Grade 9 student said that she really enjoyed the event, although it was still a bit crowded. “I enjoyed how everyone had fun and there was a large variety of different foods that you don’t get to eat everyday, such as samosas and cake pops. Everything was really cheap and affordable for students. If anything needs to be changed, I think it’s the fact that the halls are still crowded and it’s hard to get around.”  

Ms. Wilkins, one of the supervising teachers, was very happy with the Clubs Fair and said that the only thing that could be changed would be more days like this. “My favourite part of this event was the variety of products being sold and the enthusiasm of the students.”