The only thing more frustrating than using a slow computer in one class is using a slow computer in all your classes. In an era where computers are becoming increasingly important, having a reliable and efficient machine is vital. Unfortunately, at Marc Garneau, finding a computer that satisfies those conditions is something of a challenge. Frequent crashing of applications and lack of speed are everyday issues.

Several classes at Marc Garneau, including computer science, accounting, and technological design utilise computers to teach, practice, and evaluate course material, and students rely on being able to use our computer system to access and complete work. However, our computers are slow to access, load, and open anything. Input from the user is slow to process and slow to be carried out. Even once the intended file or website has been opened, the worst isn’t over. Our aging computers have the tendency to stop running applications unexpectedly. Aside from the risk of losing work, students also have to put up with having to reopen applications several times, which is frustrating in itself. Irritated students are often forced to bring their laptops to school in order to work efficiently. However, for the unwilling or unable to bring a computer to school, those provided by the school are their only choice.

Inefficient computers cut productivity and decrease the capacity of course material covered each period. Students lose a significant amount of time  waiting for their computers to load and reload, when they could be learning, practising, or clarifying the day’s lesson and thus having a better understanding of the material. Faster computers will enable students to learn more each day. Compare this situation to being late to class – those who are late to class miss out from learning some material and have to make it up on their own time. Unfortunately, students are limited by a lack of a sufficient computers. The TDSB should make an effort to upgrade the computers in use today so that students can have access to the reliability and the efficiency they need in their courses.