On 17 September, MGCI Grade 9’s flocked to the back field for the Grade 9 barbecue. Ms. Nitsou along with Ms. Goldenberg started this tradition the previous year as a method of welcoming Grade 9’s to MGCI.

Students waiting in line for  food.  Photo: Noor Mah

Students interacting while enjoying the barbecue.
Photo: Noor Mah

For an event that appears simple on the surface, it took at least a week of planning. In addition to the work done by Ms. Nitsou and Ms. Goldenberg, several of Garneau’s senior students contributed to the event. The cooking class prepared the hot dogs while leadership classes, MGCI mentors, and student council helped with distribution and tickets. As well, Ms. Nitsou invited outreach programs to introduce themselves to both junior and senior students.

When asked what she hoped to accomplish from this event, Ms. Nitsou said “it’s a very good way for the older kids to connect with the younger kids.”

Several Grade 9’s voiced their opinions on the BBQ. Saurav Luthra said that “these barbecues help everyone bond and more should be held throughout the year.”

Meanwhile another student, Sophia Liu, stated that “before lunch was handed out, someone should have spoken while they had the attention of so many students.”

This barbecue is only the first of several events meant for Grade 9’s. Students can look forward to monthly check ins with student success and guidance counselors as well as a Grade 9 dance in December.