Personal injury lawyer Vince Pileggi spoke to members about law (Photo: Kai Huang)

The Don River Law Society is a club that participates in law competitions and teaches interested members about law. Members meet on a weekly basis Wednesdays at lunch in Room 233 for presentations on a variety of subjects such as court rulings about interpreting the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

On 10 November at 3:15 pm, the club invited personal injury lawyer Vince Pileggi to speak to members about the education process for becoming a lawyer, civil and criminal law, and other aspects of the profession. “Law gives students skills that are critical for navigating the world, especially critical thinking. It benefits students and is transferable to any other discipline.” said Mr. Pileggi during his talk.

When asked why she attended the club, one student who wished to remain anonymous said, “Since I want to study law in the future, it’s good to gain experience, get involved, and start early.”

In the past few weeks, the Don River Law Society has been preparing for the Charter Challenge, a mock trial competition that helps students better understand the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Participants will be submitting their factum, a document containing their position, on November 13. Finalists will be presenting their case in front of a Court of Appeals judge in December.

Members will also be given the opportunity to participate in other events such as the Ontario Justice Education Network’s (OJEN) annual mock trial in April as well as Mock Trial Canada’s tournament next year. There are also options to do written contests such as Canada’s Next Top Law.