In the age of digital photography, learning how to take a good photo is a great asset. Every Wednesday at lunch in room 109, Photography Club hopes to help with that.

Photography Club members taking photos for students at their free Valentine’s Day photo shoot. Photo: Jenny Bai

Club Co-President Sonia Balani founded the club out of a passion for photography, but more so a passion to help others with the art. After the inexistence of a photography-focused club for her first three years at Garneau, she decided to create one.

Though unknown to most, Photography Club owns professional equipment to take and edit photos. There is a supply of 30 DSLRs (digital cameras) available for use, a room of iMac’s equipped with Adobe Photoshop, and prospective studio equipment for professional portraits.

Weekly lessons and presentations teach club members the basics of photo-taking and Photoshop. They focus on digital photography but also discuss photo-taking on phones for those interested. There is one-on-one help provided by the five executives and the two teacher supervisors, Ms. Doyle and Mr. Hesp, who are all experienced in photography. However, the club is not limited to beginners as photographers with all levels of experience can join. Meetings are generally laid-back and relaxed; generally, there is either a lesson on photography or members are working on various projects.

Not only is there plenty of equipment, there is also a multitude of photo-taking opportunities. Photography Club partners with SAC and various other clubs for different initiatives where club members can put their skills to use. Currently, they are partnering with Undercover Kindness for their initiative Garneau Smiles, where the club takes photos of smiling students around the school, which contribute to a collage. They were also asked to take photos at the Clubs Fair and for students posing with Santa during Christmas Spirit Week for SAC.

As an additional initiative, the club’s executives occasionally organize photo-ops in various outdoor locations where members are free to experiment with taking photos and apply what they have learned.

On what Photography Club gives to its members, Co-President Rahima Khan said, “Photography is not given as much importance and I think this club provides a platform for students to explore the art of photography and enjoy it without worrying about the grades.” Sonia added, “When you’re constantly exposed to times when you need to take a photo, whether with family, touring a place, or visiting friends, it’s essential to have the skill of how to take good photos. We provide guidelines as to how you can expand your horizons with how you take them. Digital cameras are also popular and being able to use them effectively is a good skill to have.”

Recently, the photography club created a Facebook page to showcase their photos and post announcements and opportunities. They can be found on their Facebook page, MGCI Photography Club.