Class Registry – 2023

  1. The one who, unknown to us, forged his way into our school and will be let off with no consequences when we realize this
  2. The one who organizes of all the class field trips and also the one who causes most of the problems with the field trips
  3. The one who skips school for curling worryingly often but he’s got everything in order somehow
  4. The one who skips school for skiing even more worryingly often but he’s an international celebrity so that’s even more impressive honestly
  5. The one who we’re not sure is even human because he doesn’t react to anything ever
  6. The one who is smarter than everyone else and tutors them for way less pay than necessary and by that we mean none at all
  7. The one who is in all the business events which feels like cheating since he’s successful already but he’s surprisingly bad at them so maybe not
  8. The one who should probably be in therapy but his specific brand of instability is convenient for us
  9. The one who’s annoying as hell
  10. The one who is also annoying as hell but slightly less full of himself
  11. The one who’s probably done some horribly immoral things but all legal
  12. The one who apparently thinks he’s the protagonist of a mid isekai
  13. The one who is a complete idiot but good at school
  14. The one who does not care
  15. The one who actually has a functional brain
  16. The one who comes off as a way worse person than he actually is but is still a bad person

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