Bright plush snowbanks, 

and trees blanketed in white, 

snowflakes drifting slowly down, 

winter’s cold clean sights, 


brings fairy lights twinkling, 

spiraling around trees, 

shining gold, red, green, rainbow, 

swaying in chilly breeze, 


wishlists placed in envelopes, 

with children’s wants of the year, 

to be sent to Santa soon, 

who will deliver presents by reindeer,


present-hunts are on, 

Christmas markets bustling and busy, 

eyes scanning stalls and booths, 

gifts bought and sold quickly, 


carols sung by choirs, 

or blasted on car radios, 

about joy, love, winter holidays, 

or Rudolph the reindeer’s red nose, 


scents of fresh brewed apple cider, 

and warm baked gingerbread, 

candy canes licked to sharp white points, 

hungry mouths quickly fed, 


neatly wrapped boxes and tight ribbons atop, 

under the adorned green tree, 

stockings filled with bulging treasures, 

satisfied giggles of glee, 


spirit and smiles and excitement everywhere, 

Christmas’s wonders returning,

prompting so much amity, bliss, and warmth, 

that when it’s over, we’re left yearning!

Photographer: Bill Yan