1 October marked Garneau’s very first Tuesday Café, filled with music, songs, and lots of laughter and cheering. The cafeteria was packed with students who were encouraging their peers, watching with friends, or simply enjoying the show.

Tuesday Café will take place every other Tuesday in the cafeteria at lunch, and will showcase some of MGCI’s unique talent. Singers, dancers, and other performers are invited to participate in the event.

This program is a new initiative developed by Khadija Aziz, the SAC Spirit Convenor. It was created to help students be more engaged in the school, and thoroughly enjoy events that MGCI has to offer.

“I wanted MGCI to look forward to something and be very excited for something that happens consistently,” said Aziz. “This will create school pride, school unity, and raise our school spirit, which is my goal as Spirit Convener this year.”

Saylove performing on stage. Photo: Nicholas Vadivelu

Saylove performing on stage.
Photo: Nicholas Vadivelu

However, these performances are not only for the audience. It was clear that the performers also enjoyed themselves greatly.

Saylove Muntaha, an enthusiastic Grade 12 student who performed a rendition of “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, was able to show her own spirit to the students of Garneau. She captured the attention of the audience, and got everyone involved in clapping along with the song.

In addition to Saylove, the band known as The Sixteenth Note performed.

Many members of the audience thoroughly enjoyed the performances and described them as ‘live’.

After her performance, Saylove commented that she wanted to perform because she really likes singing, and wanted to be able to engage the audience while showing her spirit.

Any students who are interested in participating in this regular event can contact mgci.spir[email protected] or visit Room 339 any Thursday at lunch to sign up.