With an overwhelming 80% majority, Justin Trudeau, MP, is the newly elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

After a five-month leadership race with fellow candidates including Dr. Marc Garneau, the 41 year old Ottawa native was finally voted in as the new leader.  Trudeau, the eldest son of former prime minster Pierre Elliot Trudeau, was elected through a preferential ballot .

Vancouver MP Joyce Murray, supporting co-operation with the NDP and Green parties, came in second and former Toronto MP Martha Hall-Findlay followed in third place.

In his 30-minute acceptance speech, Trudeau addressed Quebekers, encouraging them to reconsider trusting the Liberal party, and warned the Liberals of expected attacks from the opposing Tories. “Our country is blessed with countless numbers of activist citizens and they have come out by the thousands over the course of this campaign,” he said. “Canadians who thought they were sending community leaders to be their voice in Ottawa instead got back only Mr. Harper’s voice in their community.”

Shortly after Trudeau’s win, Fred DeLorey, the director of communications for the Conservative party of Canada released a statement: “Justin Trudeau may have a famous last name, but in a time of global economic uncertainty, he doesn’t have the judgement or experience to be Prime Minister.”