On Friday, 27 September, Marc Garneau’s boys’ tennis team played their third game of the season against East York Collegiate Institute. The team played outstandingly and won all four matches.

The boys' tennis team.  Photo courtesy of Henry He.

The boys’ tennis team.
Photo courtesy of Henry He.

The first match was won by the Grade 10 pair, Adam Lee and Daniel Pekar. They won their match 8-3, providing a boost of morale to the team. The remaining matches were won 8-6 and 8-4 respectively, while the last match was forfeited to Garneau, as East York CI did not have enough players.

“A lot of hard work and dedication pays off,” said team captain Tariq Haji after the game had been won. And it certainly did. After a slow start to the season, the team was at the top of their game.

The two coaches, Ms. Gupta and Ms. Yoganathan, were present at the game, providing support for their players. They were proud of the success of the team and all the players. “The students are very supportive, respectful, and hardworking,” said Ms. Yoganathan, who has been coaching Garneau’s tennis team for seven years. “They have good manners, good academics, and are able to resolve tension on the tennis courts without help from teachers.”

This game was the last before the playoffs, where MGCI boys’ tennis team will play against three other schools. Congratulations on the win against East York, and best of luck for future games!