Hello, today I will be writing about my favourite book.

Heartbreaking. Authentic. Trailblazing. Unprecedented. Breathtaking.

The Dragon Order (DO) is a New York Times #1 Bestseller, which I think says a lot about its quality. The plot is so amazingly complex and layered that I don’t think any description could do it justice, but think fantasy, heartracing romance, badass heroine vibes.

At this point, you should be racing to the nearest library to snatch up this book. Here’s a completely spoiler-free summary:

Secrets are things you don’t tell anyone.

Kazssaenjra Crawford always knew she was different. She isn’t like the other girls who wear high heels and short skirts—she wears sneakers and t-shirts, eats pizza, and even more bizarrely…

She likes to read.

When she comes across Tzak, a mysterious boy with eyes like cerulean orbs, she discovers a treacherous secret: She is the heir to the throne of Imreka, a kingdom of extraordinary elves. Soon, she is whisked into a beautiful world of magic and finds herself in possession of unimaginable powers. However, she has a dark and terrible secret that threatens to destroy her entire world as she knows it, and a secretive organisation called the Dragon Order is hot on her tail. To make matters worse, she soon finds that buried beneath the idyllic surface lies years of scandalous secrets. Will all the secrets be revealed? Claire Cassidy weaves an intricate tale of love and lies in this stunning debut novel.

Honestly, my favourite thing about this novel is Kazss. I love how quirky she is—she eats food, which makes her very unique. Also, she is just such a girlboss: strong, stubborn, determined, independent, and would do anything for her family. As you can see, she just has such a complex personality and I look up to her a lot.

Quite frankly, the romance had me feeling feelings. If you like enemies to lovers, love triangles, best friends to lovers, or fake dating, this book is for you. I’m not going to spoil anything, but I’m totally going to spoil something: They’re totally soulmates. Every one of the forty-two times they break up in this book because they’re so passionate and broken and have daddy issues, they always find a way back together. I will never understand how Cassidy comes up with such wild twists and never-before-seen character dynamics that truly reflect the human condition.

Last but not least, the dialogue. Cassidy’s dialogue had me twisted around her finger. Some of my favourite quotes include “I would not wish for any companion in the world but you,” “These violent delights have violent ends,” and “What if I’m not the hero. What if I’m the bad guy?”

Tears were literally streaming down my face and my heart was in shambles after reading this book, and I don’t know if I have the emotional capacity to read the next one. The title has already been revealed by the author on twitter—she wanted to make the title more accurate to the book’s content so it’s called Starry Throne of Pyrokinetics, and also, the henchman that died in the nineteenth chapter was gay.

Photo: Benwhite on Unsplash.com