hellish colours paint the blazing day sky
drink the clouds, you can swallow them whole
messy wind in your tendriled neat locks
the red sun suits your face, dark devil
barefoot, run, feel nature’s aggressive blades
but no celestial force can contain this light
that you’ve sewn in between your flesh
dance! leap towards the earth’s bleeding
she cracks around your twirling body
the trees are loud; can you listen closely?
they wrap you in rainbow ribbons, swirling
keep spinning out of control, little tired raven
your scarlet eyes that don’t see the future
they are beautiful, but only in the twilight
spread your wings and fly through the mess
of splattered stars, sparkling droplets of time
the universe welcomes you, your evil
feast your fingertips on it.

Photo: PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay.com