The Student Activity Council (SAC) runs all school events and extracurriculars but have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes? On 14 January 2019, students and members of SAC filed into the library for the first open meeting of the school year. A total of 15 students, including SAC members, were present at the meeting, which lasted from 3:30 to 4:15 pm.

To start the meeting, each SAC member shared the work they have accomplished during the first semester and their plans for the remainder of the year. The conversation began with the success of this year’s sweater sales. Over two hundred sweaters were sold and due to the positive outcome of the sweater sales, External Affairs Officer Dawood Khokhar is currently designing more merchandise in the hopes of further raising funds to better equip clubs and improve school events.

The discussion then moved towards the allocation of club funds in the first semester. Many students felt that certain clubs needed and deserved more funding than others. Clubs Convenor Jessica Guo, who was in charge of allocating the funds, explained that she received a lower budget for clubs this year than in the previous school year, which has led to lower funding overall.

SAC is also trying to address student involvement in school activities. President Areez Khaki believes that the issue can be solved by helping students recognize the value of being in a diverse school and the power they have if they support one another. He explained that SAC is interested in starting a Junior Student Activity Council to get ambitious Grade 9 and 10 students more involved and to prepare them for the SAC experience. Students on this council would be able to see the way SAC is run while developing their teamwork and communication skills.  

Social Convenor Zimman Yousef also shared her opinion on student involvement: “We’ve been trying our best to please the students but they have their part to do as well. At the end of the day, we do our best with the planning but it’s the students’ job to show up and participate.”

The meeting was informative but could have received more student participation. Areez Khaki said, “The student turnout wasn’t as [great as] expected, but the discussion this year was much more interactive. It helped disclose all the work that happens behind the scenes and gave students a fuller and better understanding of SAC”.  Grade 11 student Nelson Lee disagreed: “The meeting was a bit informal. It felt like the conversation was more between SAC than the students attending.”

Although feelings about the meeting were mixed, SAC has the rest of the school year ahead of them. It will be interesting to see what they have in store and the changes they will make going forward this new year.