Many students at Marc Garneau bustled into the Galleria at lunch on 26 October 2018 to get a glimpse of the first Clubs Fair of the 2018-2019 school year. SAC advertised the event through announcements and social media posts. Since many of the participating clubs were formed this year, they used the fair to promote their activities and encourage new members to join.

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance was reformed late last year. Image: Ava Pun

This semester, there were seventeen clubs that participated in the Clubs Fair, including Youth for Action for UNICEF, Black Students Union, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Art Council, Muslim Student Association, International Relief Foundation, Give Life Club, Filipino Culture Club, Undercover Kindness, Me to We, Blossom, Horticulture Society, Drama Improv Team, Marc Garneau Tech Squad, EcoTeam, Wind-Band Club, and Stage Crew.

The Horticulture Society created a vibrant display to promote its club. Image: Ava Pun

The clubs displayed large, colorful posters to advertise themselves and some clubs also gave out free food to lure students into their booths. Other clubs took a more creative and interactive approach. Undercover Kindness provided bright sticky notes for students to write compliments on and Art Council displayed various art work, such as cards and metal sculptures. Funky music resonated in the halls as the Wind Band Club played several live pieces accompanied with an electric piano.

In previous years at MGCI, the Clubs Fair and the Unhealthy Foods Sale were held in conjunction. However, Jessica Guo, the SAC Clubs Convenor, said that SAC decided to separate the two events because many clubs wanted to focus solely on gaining new members, rather than raising money. She said, “We were recognizing that some clubs don’t want to sell food or raise money, they just want new members. The main point of the Clubs Fair is now just for information. Of course, they can give out stuff since it gives an incentive for students to come down.”

Saranya Varakunan, a Grade 11 student attending the Clubs Fair, thought that the fair was a successful venture: “There was a wide variety of clubs which each had their own unique things to offer. I learned a lot more about many clubs that I haven’t heard much from before.” However, she recommended that some improvements be made to make the fair less crowded in the future. “I think that the different booths can be more spread out so there can be more space for the students since it’s really crowded right now.”

Jessica also thought the fair was a success. “I think it was good that so many clubs wanted to participate and there was a good student turnout,” she said. She will be organizing another Clubs Fair next semester, which, based on this one, is sure to be a hit.