As I straighten my back sitting against the bench and my fingers linger along the hard wood, nothing races through my mind but the image of her. Her soft round lips, the way her blue bell eyes compliment the night sky, the way the wind dresses her strawberry blonde locks, as if she were a Disney princess. My phone buzzes in my pockets and I reach out to grab it. I’m right around the corner, a text message from her reads. I text her back, ok. I’m already blushing.

My stomach starts to hurl and I’ve never felt more nervous to say the word hello. It can’t be that hard.

Hello. A couple of pigeons from the other side of the bench fly away from fright.

Did I say that outloud? Do I really sound that scary? Great, now you’re talking in your head.

“Hello.” I say aloud in a shaky voice. Guess it is hard. My nerves get the best of me and I create a large tangle in my headphone wires.The more I pull my fingers apart, the tighter the knot gets.


As she walks around the corner towards me, my hands hide themselves as they dive into the pockets of my coat. Just a glimpse of her figure and Cupid’s arrow precisely punctured my heart. She lifts one hand in a wave and I melt.

“Hey,” she says. I can see behind her perfectly placed hair that her ears are red.

“Are you cold?”

“Oh no, the weather is beautiful.” It is, and so is she.

“So, you wanted to tell me something,” she asks, tilting her head. A strand of her hair falls perfectly in between her face.

“Uh yeah, I-” My fingers itch to move that strand of hair. It’s distracting me from speaking any further. I reached out slowly, waiting for her permission and tucked the strand behind her ears.

“Oh, thanks.” She’s blushing uncontrollably. The pinkness in her cheeks are like roses on a spring morning. It gives me the impression that she might feel the same way.

My brain is asking my heart, do you feel forever about her? Because I wouldn’t be risking it all if I didn’t.

“I have no idea how to say this, and I’m even more scared I might be wrong.” I say in a small voice. “I’ve tried fighting it off and it is nothing but mental abuse. We’re at a great place and I’d hate myself if I ruined what we already have, but I can’t control what I feel for you necessarily.” I start to lose my train of thought. God damn it, just say it. 

She places her hand on my arm, and nods. A nod that says so much, but she didn’t even say a word. The corner of her lips tug into a soft smile. I take a deep breath in and gently grab her face, pausing to see if there’s any resistance. There is none.

We’re both so close to each other that I could feel her warm minty breath press against mine, as I lean in and kiss her. In this moment, I feel like I’m in heaven, while her soft lips pressing against mine. My heart levitates inside of me and stands alone, running on the electricity we share. When she smiles against my mouth, I can feel the chemistry we have. As our feminine features compliment each other, I realize that this feeling is incomparable. She pulls me in closer by the waist and I just want time to stop.

As hard as it is, we pull away to catch our breath, but a whisper of space is left between her hip and mine. Although, a strong pull is directing my lips back onto hers.

Pardon me while I reattach the lower half of my jaw. 

“Mia?” Her pulse shudders against my skin. I want her to say my name again. I want her to say it until I shut her up again.

“I feel forever about you, I really do.”

“Me too.” The colour of her cheeks finally match the redness in her ears. My heart is a loose cannon and my feelings for her are clear as day now.

I’m so in love with her. 

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