Illustration by Zoe Cheng

Some days, things just don’t seem to work.

Nothing goes the way you want it to. You blame the first thing that went wrong for triggering all the things that followed, but it might as well have been the next thing or the thing after that. You might as well blame everything. You might as well blame yourself. Because maybe things seem worse than they are because you are feeling bad. And maybe things are just bad.

But I don’t think I want to really to make it better. At least, not today. Some people say sleeping helps them feel better, but I don’t want to sleep unless I can wake up to tomorrow. Because tomorrow is not today and today is a bad day. It would be pretty disappointing to have to open my eyes to the same bad day.

So instead, I let myself soak in today, just as I would if it were a good day. Because today is just today.

But it is on these days that we appreciate the things that carry smiles on their faces, regardless of how bad the day is. It’s probably because they don’t actually know it’s a bad day. Sometimes it is only then that we see the things that make us smile even on bad days, when everything is much worse. The things that make us want to come back to them tomorrow, so you can have a good day together, not like today. And it makes you feel bad, but in a different way. It makes you thankful for the good things and the good days and the bad things on good days and the good things on bad days.

But not bad days. Bad days are bad.