On 9 December 2016, MGCI sent a Model United Nations (MUN) team comprising of seven delegates to the annual Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute Model UN (CCIMUN) conference.

The MGCI Model UN delegation after a successful CCIMUN. Photo: Ms Woodley

The event began at 8:30 am with a keynote address from Dr. Andrew McDougall of University of Toronto and Ms. Virginia Barter. The latter speaker is a writer and filmmaker famous for her works on aboriginal history. Committee sessions began at 10:00 am followed by lunch at noon; after an awards ceremony, the conference ended at 3:30 pm.

This year’s conference consisted of eight different committees which varied in level from beginner to advanced. One committee was also dedicated to French immersion students. The MGCI delegates took part in four committees: Human Rights Council (Beginners), Human Rights Council (Intermediate), the Federal Cabinet, and the Security Council (Advanced). Committee sizes ranged from thirty to one hundred delegates.

Edmund Kong in debate with fellow delegates over the ISIS problem. Photo: Ruknoon Dinder

Each council discussed key and prevalent issues relating to their area. Both of the Human Rights Councils discussed human rights violation and human trafficking, while the Federal Cabinet deliberated climate change, Indigenous women, and the economy. The Security Council tried to solve the problems created by the Islamic State and Syrian refugees. Delegates were judged on their etiquette, understanding of the rules of the UN, research papers, speeches, and their ability to question others and defend their own points of view.

MGCI’s MUN club began preparing for the event a month ago. Delegates were taught the Model UN Rules of Procedures and were provided with background on their topics. Due to the graduation of many members last year, the club is undergoing a transition period. However, the hard work of the delegates was able to secure them a positive result.

Students planning a draft resolution. Photo: Edmund Kong

The event was considered a big success for the MGCI MUN club as four delegates won awards. From the Security Council, Edmund Kong won an outstanding delegate award as the Syrian Arab Republic and Ruknoon Dinder won an honourable mention award as Israel. In addition, Lumuat Nusaiba won a best delegate award as Japan in the Intermediate Human Rights Council and Adil Haider won an honourable mention as Jim Carr in the Federal Cabinet.

Delegates were very happy with the outcome. Lumuat said, “This is my first Best Delegate award in an Intermediate Committee, which is amazing.”  Edmund also said, “The exhilaration of using diplomatic tools to get my country out of sticky situations is what makes MUN fun for me. ”

MGCI’s MUN club president, Khalida Elsadati, was elated by the team’s success: “Our wonderful team trained for several weeks before CCIMUN and their hard work definitely payed off. I hope this will drive more people to join us and some of our past members will return as well.” she said.

MGCI MUN meets in Room 235/237 every Monday.