Tina Ma

Linsanity 2.0

Illustration: Christina Zhang Friday, 10 February 2012: The stadium is electric. It’s a chilly night, and thousands are huddled together in Madison Square Garden, waiting for what’s to be the most noteworthy game of the season. The crowd is roaring, and fans are here from across the nation to see the most anticipated match of the year: Jeremy Lin vs. Kobe Bryant.   Tonight, Jeremy Lin drops a career-high 38 points against the Los Angeles Lakers. He breaks down their defense, driving again and again to the basket. Within hours, all of America will know his name, as well as the phenomenon that is “Linsanity”. “The yellow Mamba”, they call him. “Winsanity”, read the posters. The game finishes with 38 points and 7 assists for Lin, along with a shooting percentage of more than 57% [1]. But to millions of fans across the world, the statistics of the game are so much more than just numbers: Lin’s win is a symbol of hope, his story the inspiration of Chinese-Americans and underdogs everywhere.   Seven years later, “Linsanity” is merely a word thrown around as a joke by misanthropists who no longer seem to remember the value his story once held. Lin gets played slightly more than half the minutes he used to, falling short of only 11 points per game on average [2]. But we often forget why we...

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