On 15 May 2017, the Social Justice and Equity Committee (SJEC) held an event at Marc Garneau to celebrate the Asian Heritage and Tamil Genocide Awareness Month. The month highlights the importance and contributions of Asians in the school and surrounding community. SJEC advertised the event on social media and by word of mouth.

Members of the SJEC giving out henna tattoos. Photo: Matthew Tse

SJEC set up tables in the galleria at lunch and encouraged students and teachers to get henna tattoos; the tattoos were in celebration of the Tamil Genocide Awareness Month. Students could choose to get a tattoo from a variety of designs and symbols such as a rose or the first letter of their name. Participants also made origami boxes to commemorate Asian Heritage Month. 

When asked about her thoughts on the success of the event, Lisa Wang, the president of SJEC, said, “I think we did pretty well in the short time we had to prepare. The student participation was good but we should have put up posters to attract more students.”

Despite the time constraints the club faced, participants enjoyed the event for the most part but had suggestions for improvement. When asked about how she felt about the event, Fatima Arshad, a student who got a henna tattoo, said, “It was just for fun and I liked it a lot but I think they should have had more tables and people working.”