Thursday, 17 December was a night of live entertainment, talent, and fun. Music & Arts Night ran from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, and served to showcase student talent. Many arts classes performed, demonstrating the progress they have made over the course of the semester. The event was previously known as Music Night, but  was changed this year to reflect more of the arts. Instead of having a separate art show during the school day, all the arts (including dance and drama) were put into this show.

Ms. Masemann, an art teacher, said, “The arts teachers talked about how they wanted a celebration for all the arts classes. We wanted the parents to see what we do in the classes, so we collaborated to make this show.”

This year’s performances included several ensembles, like the Concert Band and other music classes. Pieces included “The Polar Express,” a dramatic act from Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth, and the much anticipated staff band, which played “Forever and Ever”.

A 30 minute intermission was held in the galleria. It involved an art exhibit, sales of handmade cards, and jewelry by the Art Council and Jewellery club. Light refreshments were also served.

Although the majority of the night ran smoothly, there were some technical difficulties. The Stage Crew worked hard between performances, moving equipment and solving other on-the-spot problems that came up.

Mehwish Rana, one of the performers, said, “You can easily tell that everyone worked hard. However, the transitions should have been smoother and more efficient. Overall, it was a great show.”