Another year draws to a close and the little peculiar features of the school begin to fade away as our eyes are led towards the outside world. Summer beckons, and the invisibility cloak that is the sun’s rays shuts textbooks out of sight (if they weren’t out of sight already). But amid the monotonous rows of gray lockers rest ever-present ninjas.  On the ceiling, in neglected paintings, among tangled branches, these surprises await throughout school property. The list below is but the tip of an iceberg (one that will melt as July approaches and will carry school worries away with it). Can you find these hidden things in our school?

☐   a construction paper dragon

☐    baubles

☐    Inuktitut writing

☐    a telescope

☐    a six-of-hearts playing card

☐    the Short Stories Collection

☐    an irregular red pentagon with white designs and a blue border

☐    a giant model of a pill bottle

☐    locker 2998

☐    a one-eyed green monster

☐    words of inspiration – e.g. “You are the one”, “You can do it!”

☐    a cactus

☐    painted X’s and O’s on a tic-tac-toe board

☐    room 116

☐    a football on a roof visible from inside the school

☐    the Shakespeare Garden

☐    a painting of the Mona Lisa