In the swarming hallways of Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, excitement filled the air as students gathered together in front of the library for the highly anticipated student council, SAC, debate. This was the very first time a presidential debate had taken place following COVID-19. The library buzzed with energy as the candidates prepared to share their visions for the future of MGCI. 

The time building up to the election rushed by in a blur for the SAC candidates. Election campaigning started on 7 June and ended on 13 June with the presidential debate. From putting up countless posters around the school to promoting their campaigns on social media, the candidates had their work cut out for them. 

On 13 June, MGCI students came together in the library to watch the SAC presidential debate. There were 4 candidates running for president: Arsal Farook in Grade 10, Isabel Liu in Grade 10, Angelina Wang in Grade 11, and Grant Ou in Grade 10. Each candidate offered a variety of different opinions on SAC and brought their own ideas to the table. 

Arsal Farook began the debate by saying, “My whole vision for SAC is to bring reform. SAC is not up to the standard it could be and I want to bring a new era.” His platform was centered around building an entirely new SAC and emphasized three foundational points in his speech, which were “accountability, transparency, and passion.” 

Candidate Isabel Liu followed by stating that the problem with SAC is the disengagement with the student council in the MGCI community. “You can see this in a lot of different places,” she said. “And when you ask someone about a SAC spirit event, they simply do not know what’s going on.” The main goal of Isabel’s platform was to increase communication both within SAC and the student body. “This includes having monthly town hall meetings for any member of the student body and implementing grade reps,” she said.

Angelina Wang spoke next. She said, “As a candidate, I like to interact and get things done.” Angelina mentioned that she wanted “all eighteen hundred students at school to sit back, relax, and have the school be organized.” She added, “I don’t want your concern just to be heard; my goal is to have them solved.” Her main goal was for everybody to feel connected. “If you feel disconnected now, when I’m elected, you’re going to feel like you own a piece of SAC… because you do.”

Candidate Grant Ou followed by emphasizing his two main political goals: better washrooms and more sports equipment. He mentioned implementing “more washroom doors, more toilet paper, and more soap” if he got elected and also discussed reassigning the SAC budget to sports teams and sports equipment.

Overall, the presidential debate was much more than just an event. It acted as a pillar of student leadership fostering a better school environment for all. Throughout the debate, students witnessed each candidate discuss their own unique platforms and ideas, and as the debate ended, the only question left unanswered was who would win.


To watch the debate, click here.