Ontario Universities’ Fair, “where all 21 Ontario Universities come together in one place just for you”, is currently taking place at Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre until Sunday 29 September 2013. It opens at 10 am daily, and if you want to have a chat with various professors from different universities, it’s better to go earlier than later. The fair ends daily at 5 pm.

The environment at the fair is rather fun and relaxed. All universities have separate booths for the different programs they offer, and each program has corresponding professors and students to converse and answer any questions curious students may have.

Aside from distributing booklets and pamphlets, there were also games and raffles to engage students and give them opportunities to earn a completely free first year at university, or win a free iPad. “It’s like a step toward the future,” said Tharsiga Gunasegaran, a Grade 12 student at MGCI, “it was a great experience and gave me insight into the possibilities of the future”.

All MGCI students wanting to apply to university are strongly encouraged to visit the fair. Visiting will not only provide students with detailed information from current university students and professors, but it will also allow them to discover new programs and universities that they may have not considered before.

“This fair made me realize that getting into a university is not as hard and unrealistic as some people make it seem,” said Izhan Saeed, another Grade 12 student at MGCI, “I feel much more relieved and comfortable about applying to universities now.”

For more information, visit the Ontario Universities’ Fair website.