The MGCI Student Activity Council (SAC) held its first Spirit Week of the year from 17 to 21 September 2018. Organized by Spirit Convenor Nithya Uthayan, Spirit Week aimed to promote enthusiasm and interest within the student body. The week consisted of themed days with games at lunch in the cafeteria, and ended with a pep rally on Friday, 21 September. SAC also used prizes and the house colour system to encourage students to participate in different activities. In total, SAC gave over three hundred prizes of chocolate and candy as well as twelve Tim Hortons gift cards.

Spirit Week began with Meme Day on Monday, 17 September. Students were encouraged to dress up to recreate their favourite vines or memes. The new theme was chosen due to the large number of requests from students who had seen similar theme days at other schools. At lunch, SAC hosted musical chairs in the cafeteria and rewarded winners with candy.

Students dress up for Meme Day. Image: Jenny Bai

The next day was Twin Tuesday, a popular theme day among students. Students partnered or even grouped up with their friends and came to school in matching outfits. Students were very energetic when playing musical chairs on Monday so SAC continued with the same activity at lunch on Tuesday.

Wednesday was Athletic Day; students participated by coming to school in jerseys or other sports wear. Athletic Day was similar to Jersey Day from previous years but allowed students who did not own any jerseys to participate. SAC held a sports-themed game of Kahoot! in the cafeteria at lunch and the winner won a Tim Hortons gift card.

Athletic Day was followed by Throwback Thursday. SAC encouraged students to dress in clothing from the past. Some students dressed up like their parents or in outfits that they may have sported when they were younger. There was no activity at lunch because SAC was helping with the Grade 9 Barbecue.

The week finished off with House Colour Friday. Students came dressed in red, blue, yellow, or green to represent their respective houses. Students also participated in the pep rally that was being held in the gym.

Students play Tug of War during the Pep Rally on Friday. Image: Jenny Bai

Spirit Week was promoted primarily on social media through Instagram and Facebook. Posters and announcements were also made reminding students to participate in the theme days. Most of the activities were recorded and posted on the MGCI Instagram account (@mgci.sac), which was also used to receive requests from students regarding games and themes.

When asked about organizing her first spirit event of the year, Nithya said, “I was pleasantly surprised with the student body and their excitement to participate, especially the grade nines. It was great to see them being so enthusiastic and actively participating within the event.” Students enjoyed the activities in the cafeteria but some theme days, such as Twin Day were much more popular than others. When asked why she participated in Twin Day, student Hafsa Shahid said, “It was fun to dress up with my friends. I had never actually participated in a Spirit Week before but this year we actually found clothes that we all had to match.”

To improve future spirit events, Nithya plans to eliminate the issues that SAC had during transitions between activities. “I want the flow of activities to go smoother without the minor commotion that we had this time,” she said. She hopes to achieve this by reducing the setup time for activities like musical chairs and fixing issues with microphones and music so that the events can go smoothly.

Overall, Spirit Week accomplished its goal of increasing student spirit and participation. 2018-2019 SAC President Areez Khaki commented, “The week went by pretty fast and it was great to see lots of new people trying new things in terms of activities. A special thank you goes to Nithya and the rest of SAC for the success of our first Spirit Week.”