On March 2 the Marc Garneau Queer Straight Alliance launched a new section of the library dedicated to LGBTQ themed books. The section is currently just one shelf in the fiction section of the library. The selection is about half fiction (mostly young-adult ‘coming out’ stories), and half non-fiction — books dealing with queer theory and gender studies as well as practical help and advice for dealing with LGBTQ issues. Every book is marked with a rainbow stripe and a QSA label on its spine.

Funding for the project came from Jer’s Vision — a foundation for Canadian Youth Diversity. The Garneau QSA was one of ten initiatives awarded a $250 ‘Pink Tulip Grant’. This grant is awarded every year to groups of youth who are working towards diversity in communities, with ‘special consideration for activities that work to address homophobia & transphobia.

If you have suggestions of more  queer-themed books  that the library should purchase, give a list of the titles to Ms. Whyte, the librarian. The library is also accepting donations of any LGBTQ books that anyone wants to contribute to expand this new section of the library. The Garneau QSA meets every Friday lunch in room 339.