As school ended on 22 December 2017, crowds of people gathered inside the MGCI cafeteria. At 1:00 pm, a large cheer arose from the audience: the MGCI Student Activity Council’s (SAC) annual Christmas Show had begun.

In total, there were thirteen acts in the 2017 Christmas Show. Performances started off with an instrumental band performance by the MGCI’s Teacher Band. Over the next two hours, the audience was treated to numerous performances, including vocal songs, string quintets, drama acts, dancing, ukulele and piano pieces, and a student choir organized by Mr. Vlahos. Certain clubs made an appearance, including the MGCI Drama Club, who performed a fairy tale twist on Snow White, and the K-Dance Group, who danced to a medley of “Really Really,” “As if it’s your last,” and “Bang Bang Bang.” During intermission, there was also a musical chairs competition, where randomly chosen audience members faced off against teachers. The show ended with a cover of “Oh Holy Night,” sung by Helen Chen. Before leaving, the audience received samosas as snacks.

Ms. Balkisoon and Ms. Masemann singing at the Christmas Show. Photo: Jenny Bai

Preparation for the Christmas Show began in the last week of November, when performer auditions were held. Once the acts were finalized, rehearsals, supervised by Mr. Kelly from the English Department, were held three to four times a week. Not all performers and members of the stage crew could make every rehearsal due to extracurricular commitments, but the countless practices ensured all acts were well-rehearsed. SAC decorated the cafeteria using snowflakes, as well as a Christmas tree on stage to enhance the holiday spirit of everyone attending.

Tickets for the Christmas Show this year were five dollars each, and SAC began ticket sales early in the week. Despite the increase in ticket prices, over two hundred fifty people attended the event, a slight increase compared to previous years.

Overall, the majority of the audience and performers enjoyed the experience. SAC Spirit Convener Laksikaa Rajaratnam said, “I think Christmas Show went great this year […] It was great to see such a turn out at our 2017 Christmas Show, including so much support from our teachers and student body!”

Held right before the holidays, the Christmas Show was meant as an opportunity for students to get together, relax, and admire the talent within the school before parting for the winter break. Following the conclusion of the show, Principal Ms. Goldenberg said, “I just want everybody to have a very safe holiday, to enjoy themselves, get some rest, do a little bit of studying, but only in the morning, and have a great time.”