MGCI’s annual Winter Music Night was in full swing on 18 December. It featured performances by members of the school community, the dead silence of winter was rejuvenated by the exciting performances that took place in the cafeteria.

Led by strumming Grade 10 guitarists, the seats were full and the show was well under way by 7:00 pm. The Grade 9 band class picked up the beat, playing the famous “Twist and Shout” from the Beatles, followed by performances from the vocals class. Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” was introduced to the audience by Concert Band with “Winter” being the most heartfelt. For the first time in MGCI history, concert band and choir collaborated to perform “A Christmas Serenade”, setting the mood for the upcoming holidays.

A wide variety of music was performed, ranging from soothing jazz pieces from stage band to traditional Indian folk culture that opened up ears to an entirely new genre of music. The highlight of the night was the performance by the teacher band. Many students were stunned as their familiar teachers dropped their usual demeanor and rocked out on “We Must Stand Together” by the Canadian band Nickelback.

Show choir's performance was accompanied by dancers.  Photo: Cindy Cui

Show choir’s performance was accompanied by dancers.
Photo: Cindy Cui

Amongst the audience was Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne, who had taken the time to show her support for our annual performance. She gave a short speech acknowledging the efforts of both the students and teachers alike, and commented on the success of the performance. Unfortunately, she was unable to remain for the entire show, and left discreetly during intermission.

Kathleen Wynn made an appearance. Photo: David Hao

Kathleen Wynne made an appearance. Photo: David Hao

Reactions towards the performances were mostly positive, from both audience members and performers alike. Ms. Goldenberg commented that the show was “fabulous, just absolutely fabulous”.  Musician and Grade 9 student Kai Huang said, “Although the performance was not the best, it was still acceptable.” The organizers for this evening: Mr. Rakonjac and Ms. Libunao, were very pleased with the performance, as “this was the largest crowd ever” to attend music night. Mr. Rakonjac also hopes that the performances would encourage more students to take an interest in music, as he points out the positive effects of “building confidence, self-discipline, and creativity.” He also adds that a drumline percussion course may be available next year, and invites interested students to join.

The joyous evening concluded with a performance by show choir, completed with dancers. As the audience started to leave, it was evident from the smiles and grins that this year’s Winter Music Night had ended the year on a high note.