You are sitting around your house this Wednesday night not doing homework when your doorbell rings. You answer the door and find the Avengers on your doorstep yelling “TRICK OR TREAT!” It’s Halloween and you have no costume. Or, you simply didn’t feel like buying a costume or making one until the last minute. Either way, we’ve got you covered – here are some quick and easy costume ideas:

1. Classic Ghost

This one really is a “classic.” It’s good for those who want a retro twist with their last-minute costume. Simply borrow a white sheet from your parents, grab scissors, and cut two holes where you would place your eyes. Pull the sheet over your head and voilà! A terrifying ghost. This iconic costume is guaranteed to be a favourite.

2. Vampire

Back in the day, to be a vampire for Halloween you had to dress in black, get a cape, wear fake fangs, and be covered in blood – too much work for any respectable slacker. Nowadays, thanks to series like Twilight, being a vampire is much easier. All you have to do is wear trendy clothes, spread glitter all over your skin, and walk around brooding; looking tormented every now and then wouldn’t hurt either.

3. Gum on a Shoe

Maybe not the nicest costume, but certainly effective enough if you’re in a rush. Grab a pink shirt or sweater, and tape a shoe to yourself. Your costume is finished. A good excuse to be “stuck” to people all night; you simply can’t help it.

4. Nickelback

Nickelback: the most resilient band ever. They are simultaneously a very successful band and possibly the most hated band in the entire world. If you’re willing to take all the insults that come with being Nickelback for Halloween, this costume is one of the easiest. Merely find a nickel and tape it to your back. Done. Just hope that you don’t get booed out of the party.

5. Facebook

This costume was pioneered by Jim Halpert from The Office who has worn many a slacker costume over the years. To become the time-consuming website, all you need is a black marker. Ask a friend to write BOOK across your face (two letters on either side of your nose). If you feel like taking your costume to the next level you can blurt out status updates all night long.

6. Nudist on Strike

This is the ultimate slacker costume. You have to do absolutely nothing. To become a nudist on strike, you…wear clothes. Genius. Assuming that the majority of you wear clothes on a daily basis this costume will be especially easy for you. If you feel like putting a small amount of effort into your costume it would be a good idea to make a picket sign explaining what you are. Some people might miss your costume, as obvious as it is.