The Galleria lit up with a flurry of colorful posters while students gathered at lunch on 6 March 2019 to participate in Marc Garneau’s Clubs Fair.

This semester, there were twelve participating clubs, including Youth for Action for UNICEF, Aviation Club, Culinary Club, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Eco Team, MGCI Mentors, International Relief Foundation, Cooking Club, MGCI Key Club, Orphan Sponsorship Club, Relay for Life, and Muslim Student Association.

The Muslim Student Association was one of the clubs that participated in the Clubs Fair. Image: Jenny Bai

Colorful and vibrant displays lined the Galleria, including an assortment of posters and displays. Clubs also offered some interactive presentations. The Eco Team hosted a game of Recycling Roulette, an educational initiative where students were rewarded with candy for correctly placing an assortment of trash into their appropriate receptacles. Those who registered for Relay for Life, a cancer fundraiser, were entered into a draw for ice cream coupons.

Relay for Life entered participants into an ice cream coupon draw. Image: Jenny Bai

In previous years, the Clubs Fair was held in conjunction with the Unhealthy Foods Sale. This year, SAC decided to separate the two events, allowing the clubs to focus on gaining new members instead of raising money. This proved to be a success in the first semester, and the same continues this semester. However, there was a slightly smaller turnout, with fewer clubs participating.

Lauren Liu, a Grade 10 student who attended the Clubs Fair, thought that it was an enjoyable experience. “There were many opportunities to learn about clubs that were new, and the variety of options really opened my interests.”

The next Clubs Fair is scheduled to be held in the 2019-2020 school year. Based on this year’s response, it seems that a Club Fair dedicated to recruitment will be a continuing success for years to come.