Ms. Hermanovsky. Image: Juvairiya Akalwaya

Ms. Hermanovsky, a grade 9 and 10 science and grade 11 and 12 biology teacher, is definitely your go to person for scientific inquiries. Ms. Hermanovsky has been teaching at Marc Garneau for the past eight years. She first decided to start teaching because she noticed that a lot of her friends “didn’t want to go into certain subjects because they disliked their teachers.” She said, “I was really passionate about biology so I decided I wanted to try to create some type of learning where the students were enthusiastic about it.” When she first started teaching, Ms. Hermanovsky didn’t settle in any one school for a long time. That changed when she reached Garneau. She says the main reason she stayed at Garneau for so long was because of its atmosphere and student and teacher body: “I think the student body is amazing, the students are respectful and kind and eager to learn, so I actually love this school. We are lucky at Garneau to have an amazing teacher body here working towards same goals.”

It took Ms. Hermanovsky about five years to become settled in the school and she was very eager to get more involved by beginning her own club. She recounts her journey of teaching as being challenging: “ I find that there’s always a difficult facet no matter how long you’re teachingit’s either the marking or trying to find a way to motivate students.” With challenges, however, there come rewards. “ My reward is the joy I get from what I do for [the students].  The impact it has on me is like watching my Grade 12 students graduate and pursue a subject they’re passionate about.”

Of the eight years she’s spent at Garneau, Ms. Hermanovsky’s teaching style has changed substantially. At first she said that she was “strict” but as she’s gotten more confident and comfortable, she has created a better dynamic within her class where “both students and teachers can learn from each other.”

Her goal for teaching has always been to offer a safe and welcoming space for all students and instill a sense of curiosity and enjoyment in the subjects that she teaches. She loves it when students come back after graduating and tell her the impact her class has made on them.

Ms. Hermanovsky shared some tips and advice she had for the students of Garneau: “review lessons after you have been taught, ask teachers for help, ask questions in class, and try to teach yourself or someone else what you’ve learned.” She emphasized that all students, especially Grade 12s, should try to “find peace, relaxation and comfort throughout the day.”

Outside of school, Ms. Hermanovsky has quite a few interests. She adores singing and drama. In her classes, she incorporates drama skits to liven up her lectures. When she has the time, she loves travelling and has been to many places including Europe, Vietnam and Japan. Ms. Hermanovsky’s favourite pastime is running. She recommends that the female students of Garneau join the Run for Fun Club, which will be starting in the second semester of the school year. Ms. Hermanovsky founded the club as a way to help girls enjoy running and attain its numerous benefits. Above all, Ms. Hermanovsky prioritizes spending time with family and friends. To her, socializing and catching up with the people close to her brings an important balance to her busy life.

Although her job can be tough, she looks forward to waking up every day because of how much joy and laughter she gains from teaching her students. For Ms.Hermanovsky, there’s no other job she’d rather have than teaching.