This page has all of the registered clubs for Marc Garneau’s 2019-2020 Semester 1.

The clubs are separated by the following categories: Awareness and Funding; Arts, Culture, and Hobbies; Councils, Committees, and School Services; Athletics and Recreation; Academics. Don’t be afraid to try new things and visit different groups! The clubs in each category are ordered by meeting day from Monday – Friday. A schedule is available here.


Black Students Union

BSU is a community and safe place for all students
What takes place
– Discussions ( fundraising planning )
– Workshops
– Events
– Movies

Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 243.

Orphan Sponsorship Club

OSC does various fundraisers throughout the year including food sales and community fundraisers at, for example, a mosque. Our meetings consist of planning and prepping for these events.

Meetings are on Mondays at lunch in Room 237.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance

Members discuss current issues, both local and global and as part of the solution, plan and organize events.

Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 214.

Me to We

At meetings, club members discuss new ideas for events that can be held to raise awareness, and prepare for these events. We organize and enact events and promotions in line with the initiatives of the WE organization. 

Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 219.

Endangered Species Club

In our club we would like to think of ideas and methods in which we could inform our school about the negative impact we are having on the earth. We would also like to create an event (during second semester) to raise money to donate to the WWF (world-wide fund for nature).

Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 201.

MGCI Blossom

We teach students about life lessons not learned through the school system through interactive activities. Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 235.


We create and implement activities to make the school more eco-literate and eco-friendly. During meetings, we brainstorm ideas, discuss past events and their effectiveness, plan future events, and measure how well the school is doing by looking at data from audits. Also, we help with the gardens and maintain MGCI’s Platinum EcoSchools status.

Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in Room 227.

MGCI Key Club

MGCI Key Club provides its members with volunteer opportunities that benefit the school and the community. These opportunities help to develop good character and leadership skills in its members. At meetings, a mix of brainstorming, planning, and active service takes place and volunteer opportunities that are available are introduced.

Meetings are on Fridays at lunch in Room 341.

Wilson Family Sarcoma Club


Meetings are on Fridays at lunch in Room 210.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

To meet our goal of raising awareness/fundraising, we plan on holding fundraisers (e.g proceeds from Iftaar Night), running food drives, carrying out campaigns such as Islamic Heritage Month. Another major aspect of MSA will be an external tournament – MIST(Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament) – through which members of the MGCI MSA will be able to interact with and compete against other MSAs in the GTA for a wide variety of competitions.

During meetings, we will work with members to plan upcoming events (e.g the upcoming Unhealthy Food Sale will be the first “event” of the year that we will discuss, followed by Islamic Heritage Month). We will also hold discussion meetings during which we will engage in open conversations about various issues we wish to raise awareness about on both an internal level (amongst MSA) and on a school-wide level as a full campaign. Additionally, we will hold bi-weekly activities (e.g trivia) related to our discussions/other relevant themes.

Meetings are on Fridays at lunch in Room 103G.

Living In the Future Environment (L.I.F.E Club)

We’re planning to promote the practice or the habit of taking care of our environment and our mental health for our own sake and for the upcoming future generation as well. We’ll plan on how to make a change by taking the initiative of making a change by our ownselves.

Meetings are at lunch everyday.

Relay For Life
Relay for Life is a festival like fundraising event that aims towards raising money for cancer research. This event will be held in later spring for the whole entire school to participate. This club specifically is geared towards planning for this full-day event. At meetings, members will plan for the logistics of the event. Currently, the club is spearheaded by six executive members but more members will be recruited later in the second semester once planning is finished. Meetings are held every week afterschool Wednesdays but are subject to changes due to conflicting schedules between the execs. They take place in the library or in room 333.


Origami Club

Members are provided with paper and are led through the creation of that week’s origami model.

Meetings are Mondays at lunch in Room 219.

Art Outreach Society

We will be partnering with other clubs in the school as well as various fundraising organizations and NGOs. At our meetings, we will be creating the projects to fund these donations (ex: creating art projects for under appreciated staff in our school, such as janitors and guidance counsellors).

Meetings are on Mondays at lunch in Room 243.

The Solver

In our club, participants will not only be able to experiment and play with the puzzles, such as the multitude of Rubiks puzzles, but we will also teach those who wish to learn how to solve them. Furthermore, students can come and have fun solving puzzles like sudoku and crosswords. This can create a very safe and inclusive environment for all!

Meetings are on Mondays at lunch in Room 205.

Garneau Fashion Club

Often we learn to sew, or study brand history, or just chat about fashion

Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 213.

Junior Quiz League (JQL)

Junior Quiz League is a trivia club where we have a competition each week to see who can answer the most trivia questions. The winner of each week will get a prize, such as Timbits. The trivia questions that JQL will be using are actual questions used in various quiz bowl competitions, which would give a challenge for our club members. Around the end of the year, we are planning on sending a competitive quiz team to an actual competition.

Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 205.

Senior Quiz League (SQL)

give lessons, and practice for our various competitions (Schoolreach, IHBB, IGB)

Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Portable 4.

Horticulture Society

Take care of the greenhouse, school gardens (front garden, memorial garden, field garden) and indoor plants. As well, promote a healthy lifestyle through gardening and arouse interest in horticulture in MGCI. At meetings, we will discuss future plans for the plant life, landscaping and management. This includes creating more gardens, expanding/improving existing ones, replacing dead plants, distributing more greenery around the school and maintaining current gardens. 

We plant new plants and give away or sell healthy grown plants. We also maintain the various greenery around and within the school.

Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 321B (Greenhouse Classroom).

Art Council

Art Council’s mission is to jazz up the school. We plan for and help execute Arts Nights and Doodlefest. We work on seasonal projects, such as the Thanksgiving Tree of Thanks and Holiday/Thank you cards. Throughout the whole year, we work on a mural with a specific issue or topic in mind.

Meetings are on Tuesdays after school in Room 113 (Art Room).

Marc Garneau Investing Club

The main focus of our club is a stock market simulation that is run througout the semester. As such, a discussion on different stocks is held in each meeting to answer members’ questions as they trade in the stock simulation. At the end of the semester, there is a winner to the simulation contest within the club, and they earn a small prize.

Meetings are on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, whichever is a Day 2, in Room 226.

MGCI Bridge Club

Our club allows members to come in and enjoy the game of Bridge. Each meeting will consist of games being played on the side, and/or lectures being taught by more experienced players. The club also plans on hosting Bridge Tournaments, where players of all skill levels can compete for a chance to win various prizes.

Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 333.

Game Development Club

We teach members how to develop games.

Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 224.

Filipino Cultural Club

At meetings, we will start off with getting close to each other and developing friendships within the club. We will then plan leadership initiatives to lead within the community and school (i.e. volunteering, running activities in school, etc.) There will also be opportunities to share Filipino cultural activities in the school, and to have some social gatherings during lunch, after school, etc. 

We conduct games during our fun meetings to refresh the minds of our members. We also participate in school events and sport activities such as volleyball games between our members and teachers.

Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 301.

MGCI Improv Team

We practice improv theatre conventions as well as practice using those conventions to create scenes in preparation for the competition.

Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 245.

The Culinary Club

The Culinary Club initiated in 2019 Semester 2. We have around 10-15 members coming every Wednesday to help prepare healthy snacks. We are the kitchen twice a month and the rest two weeks are decided to discuss about a menu plan, recipes, and surveys. We have organized a variety of distinct tasks for individual and paired members of the club where everyone is assigned one responsibility in every meeting where we cook. This year, we have decided to upgrade our club by giving out free treats to everyone purchasing salad from the salad bar. Additionally, some snacks that our club made last semester are hummus and tortilla chips, sweet potato fries, cassava chips, and black bean brownies. Further, we look forward to making several other similar treats like, cranberry cookies, over the year 2019-2020.

Meetings are on Wednesdays after school in the Main Kitchen.

Chess Club

We provide chess sets, boards, and clocks for students to use for free. Our meetings mainly consist of casual drop in sessions, where students and their friends can have lunch and play a fun game of chess. Chess club works closely with MGCI chess team in order to provide a training time for team members.

Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in Room 219.

Diplomacy Club

Diplomacy is a board game in which players control one of seven major powers in Europe and strategically either form or betray alliances in order to control Europe.
In the Diplomacy Club, competitors will play Diplomacy against fellow challengers over the course of 6 weeks.
Played by 2 to 7 players, Diplomacy teaches players negotiation skills, short- and long-term strategy, relationship building and the art of persuasion.
The main difference to other board games is the negotiation phase where players spend most of the time forming beneficial strategies.
In addition to playing Diplomacy, members will also be able to bring in their own board games to play with their friends.

Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in Room 233.

RC Plane/Aviation Club

Our club will hold lectures regarding the principles of aviation (including electronic devices, such as servos, motors, esc’s etc.), and have practical activities where members work together to assemble/design an rc plane.

Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in room 215.

French Club

A casual environment that implements french speaking and exposure to french culture.

Meetings are on Fridays at lunch in Room 205.


See this cite for information on all the different bands and councils.

Meetings will typically be in Room 118.

The Reckoner

Meetings depend on each board.


MGCI Tech Squad

In its third year, the Tech Squad fixes computers around the school for students and teachers and associated staff. We offer training for equipment, and we inventory and move pieces to where they can best be used. We learn how to fix things. We follow the task list that is maintained on a Volunteer Group within a Google Classroom, delegate and manage the completion of tasks, and earn volunteer hours. There is an application new members are required to fill out, as members of this club have access to classrooms and offices so they have to be verified as trustworthy, able to work with minimal supervision, able to work safe, and communicate well.

Meetings are on Tuesdays after school in Room 102.


1UP is a youth-led initiative in the Greater Toronto Area which was founded by Urban Minds. Members of the club will take on the challenge to design and build projects that will improve Marc Garneau, and address issues in our community.

Students participating in this school chapter will start by identifying a project site, brainstorming ideas, and designing models. By the end of the school year, we will have built a working prototype to demonstrate our idea and thoughts to their peers, teachers and decision-makers in the community. Throughout the year, the Urban Minds team will guide participants through the design process, educate them about urban planning and design, and provide learning materials and support to each school chapter.

Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 227.

Undercover Kindness

Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in Room 235.

Kardia - Christian Fellowship

We alternate between different activities, of which include Bible study (learning about scripture), games/icebreakers (meant to bond with each other), story sharing (sort-of like group therapy), and we also are starting fundraisers to raise money for different community initiatives and volunteer at soup kitchens, shelters etc.

Meetings are on Fridays at lunch in Room 219.

Media Screens Club

For the longest time, MGCI students have independently been working on the Media Screens to inform students about the events within MGCI or affecting MGCI students/staff on a daily basis. With this club, we will continue to do this but expand it. At meetings, we will discuss responsibilities, format, any concerns and plans for moving forward.

Meetings are on Day 2s at lunch in Room 112.

Stage Crew

Stage Crew provides technical support to all school “shows” (i.e. International Show, Arts Night), and other events (like assemblies, presentations, etc.) upon request. There are rarely meetings but the few meetings we hold are to train new members in using our equipment.

Meetings are typically after school in the cafeteria.


Table Tennis Club

We improve our table tennis skills in preparation for a competition.

Meetings are on Thursdays after school in the Weight Room.


Computer Science Club

We teach algorithms and programming and discuss problem-solving techniques.

Meetings are on Mondays at lunch in Room 222.

MGCI Robotics

We are a competing team. There are two regional competitions that we attend annually, as well as a potential in house sumobot league between sub-teams. We are planning to expand to VEX robotics this year. Weekly meetings are for groups to plan, build, and test their robots for events.

Meetings are on Mondays at lunch in Room 222, 224, or 235.

MGCI Toastmasters

Our club contains a varieties of activities involving public speaking. Ex: Speak up, career talks, role-plays, etc. We also help students with any upcoming presentations they may have during the school year. ( Ex: Business presentations, English/history seminars, career/law/civic talks, and etc) . What takes place during our meetings is that we often brainstorm ideas that would attract students to come and learn public speaking and other activities.

Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 217.

MGCI Neuroscience Club

Every week, I will teach students about various topics in neuroscience. These lectures will be very similar to those presented at a neuroscience lecture series called Neurosci 101. Students who wish to attend those lectures will have a better settlement in their knowledge about the topics, as I will be going over them after the lectures. Students will also learn about current research in the field of neuroscience and how that relates to what they have learned so far.

Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 328.

Math Club

We lecture on common topics on math contests, and take up and explain questions. We will also do interesting math games and help orgaznize and run math contests for this school year.

Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 329.

Tech Today

As mentioned in the response above we talk and discuss about technological innovations that are presented throughout society. For example last year near the end we talked about how targeted viruses could be used to treat non treatable brain tumors and or non treatable melanomas. We disused the importance and the future of the implications and how this would change the way we treat people using new medical technologies. To conclude we basically talk about tech and share out thoughts and opinions about them and talk about how this technology will have an affect on our future society.

Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 214.

MGCI Physics Club

At the beginning, physics club will hold lectures that go over basic concepts such as mechanics, thermal dynamics, and Electromagnetism. After the lecture, club members will attempt to solve questions related to the concepts taught, and will also have a chance to discuss interesting physics-related questions of their own. As a specific contest approaches, we will focus our discussion to prepare/practice for the contests, and will register members (with the help of a teacher) for physics contests. We will also take up contest questions after the questions are released.

Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 328.

Coding 101

Our club focuses around programming and tries to give student a basic understanding of java. On the day our club is running, we will give students access to the computers spefically to code. If students are new, we will teach them a lesson every day and have them try to do it themselves on the computer.

Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 224.

MGCI Debate Club

Debate! Go to tournaments!

Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 227.

Don River Law Society


DRLS runs weekly meetings at lunch. In these meetings, students may interact with guest speakers, listen to law-related presentations, prepare for interclub competition, and above all, ask questions regarding the study and practice of law. DRLS invites students to partake in two different law competitions, OJEN Mock Trial and the Charter Challenge. For Mock Trial, students are selected to participate on the 6-8 person DRLS team, prepare a criminal case, and present it in front of judges. For Charter Challenge, students argue in a Charter challenge case as the appellant or respondent and try to justify their side. DRLS helps prepare students and provides editing and general guidance throughout the process.

Book guest speakers, review legal principles, prepare for the OJEN mock trial and charter challenge

Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in Room 235.

MGCI Mentors

Tasks include, but are not limited to:
– Mentors will be required to visit the class they are assigned to on a regular basis and help their teachers however the teacher sees fit.
– Mentors will participate in monthly meetings to discuss any updates, their experiences, and topics relating to education.
– Mentors will also participate in a workshop for new students. It will be an event where mentors, teachers and professionals give tips and tricks to success and a bit about what they do and how they got to where they are. Mentes will be participating alongside any other students who are interested. They will have a chance to learn what are some of their options and how they can approach their goals. (This event will only occur twice this year & I have spoken with some of my connections who are interested in volunteering their time to speak.)

Meetings are on the 4th Thursday of every month at lunch in Portable 2.

Biology Club

We conduct highly controlled experiments focusing on different aspects of biology and the sciences.

Meetings are on Fridays at lunch in Room 311.

TedxYouth B

During the average TedxYouth meeting, students are taught different ways to foster their creativity and bring their ideas into a presentation format. There is usually one discussion period.

Meetings are in Room 232.

TedxYouth @MGCI

Discuss topics
Review & discuss podcasts from TED Talks, IDEAS.TED.COM
Develop ideas for individual speeches
Obtain coaching and feedback
Present individual TED Talks
Plan & organize TEDxYouth events

Meetings are in Portable 4.


HOSA is a health science careers organization. HOSA MGCI aims to prepare members for the national and international competition conferences. Members can also join workshops to gain valuable experience into real healthcare skills and procedures. Meetings will include the info sessions, exam days and workshops.

Meetings are most likely on Thursdays at lunch in the Overlea Room.


During meetings, executive members will be giving presentations either in order to train members, or to brief them about logistics for an upcoming competition. Members will be given the chance to perform practice roleplays, write practice exams, or prepare their written reports for the upcoming competitions.

Meetings are TBD.