This page has all of the registered clubs for Marc Garneau’s 2018-2019 Semester 2.

The clubs are separated by the following categories: Awareness and Funding; Arts, Culture, and Hobbies; Councils, Committees, and School Services; Athletics and Recreation; Academics. Clubs are drop-in unless otherwise specified. Don’t be afraid to try new things! The clubs in each category are ordered by meeting day from Monday – Friday. A schedule is available here.


#GiveLife Club

We plan to raise awareness of the benefits and needs to donate blood. At meetings, we will learn about why blood is needed, what we can do about it, and plan for fundraising and awareness events. Meetings are Mondays at lunch in Room 211.

EcoTeam informs MGCI on how students and staff affect the environment. Some methods include events such as EcoEx where the club has stations that inform students about pollinators and proper waste disposal. Also, it has a new theme each year such as targeting plastic waste. As well, EcoTeam monitors the environmental outputs of the school and maintains MGCI’s EcoSchools status, which help identify where MGCI can be more eco-friendly. Meetings are on Mondays at lunch in Room 235.
Orphan Sponsorship Club
The Orphan Sponsorship Club raises money and donates it to the Orphan Sponsorship Program at the University of Toronto. Many children do not have the basic needs and opportunities that many of us do, and so OSC looks to help sponsor them.

Meetings are on Mondays at lunch in Room 328.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance
as part of the solution, plan and organize events.”}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:513,”3″:[null,0],”12″:0}”>Members discuss current issues, both local and global and as part of the solution, plan and organize events. Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 225.
International Relief Club
Twice a semester, our club decides on a humanitarian crisis happening in the world. We will educate ourselves in what’s happening and what’s needed to best help out in these situations. We will then discuss awareness and fundraising strategies to reach out to students on the crisis. Then we use fundraising strategies to raise money for that cause, where the proceeds are donated to charity. Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 242.
MGCI Initiative for Neuroscience and Dementia (IND)
Our club teaches neuroscience to students as well as raises awareness for dementia through fundraisers and other activities. Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch. Room number is TBD.
Me to We
At meetings, club members discuss new ideas for events that can be held to raise awareness, and prepare for these events. Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 219.
Relay For Life

Relay for Life is a festival like fundraising event that aims towards raising money for cancer research. This event will be held in later spring for the whole entire school to participate. This club specifically is geared towards planning for this full-day event. At meetings, members will plan for the logistics of the event. Currently, the club is spearheaded by six executive members but more members will be recruited later in the second semester once planning is finished. Meetings are held every week afterschool Wednesdays but are subject to changes due to conflicting schedules between the execs. They take place in the library or in room 333.

MGCI Key Club
MGCI Key Club provides its members with volunteer opportunities that benefit the school and the community. These opportunities help to develop good character and leadership skills in its members. At meetings, a mix of brainstorming, planning, and active service takes place and volunteer opportunities that are available are introduced. Meetings are Fridays at lunch in Room 341. A $15 membership fee is required.
Muslim Student Association (MSA)

We plan future events and fundraisers and hold things such as food drives.

Meetings are on Fridays at lunch in Room 103G.

Global Ideas Institute
There is a prompt every year and the GII team must come up with a solution to the proposed problem. At the meetings, we discuss ideas for the solution and develop it further. Meetings are on Fridays at lunch. Members must also attend seminars outside of school. The team is full.
Youth in Action for UNICEF
Our club does planning for fundraising events and all donations will go towards UNICEF. In our meetings,we’ll be discussing ideas for fundraising. Meetings are on Fridays at lunch in Room 214.


Filipino Culture Club
At meetings, we will start off with getting close to each other and developing friendships within the club. We will then plan leadership initiatives to lead within the community and school (i.e. volunteering, running activities in school, etc.) There will also be opportunities to share Filipino cultural activities in the school, and to have some social gatherings during lunch, after school, etc. Meetings are on Mondays, bi-weekly, at lunch in Room 303.
Literature Club
We read and discuss books and movies. Meetings are on Mondays at lunch in Portable 4.
Music Council Club
Specifically, the Music Council club will promote music by organizing a series of different themed concerts, such as Christmas themed. These concerts will be held at lunches on the cafeteria stage and they are very similar to talent shows. A few concerts may be held after school and tickets may be sold for an extremely cheap price. Additionally, we are planning on playing music in the mornings before the announcements as students are going to their classes. A form will be put on various social media accounts so that MGCI students can make song requests for the morning. At meetings, we will discuss what theme to use for the upcoming concert and the specific details for each event. Additionally, we might also hold auditions for potential performers or ask them to submit a video of their performance. We will also compile the requested songs of students. (This might be outside of meetings, after school in the music room.) Meetings are on Mondays at lunch in Room 118 (Music Room).
Origami Club

We will have 1-2 teachers showing members how to fold different origami pieces during meetings. Members will also have the opportunity to work on their own projects if the model being taught doesn’t interest them. Meetings are Mondays at lunch in Room 219.

MGCI Keyboarders

Play the piano, teach people how the play the piano, help each other develop interests for the piano. It’ll be a small club that tries to help people develop a passion for piano, and music, and appreciate it as an art. Meetings are Tuesdays and Fridays in the music room (Room 118).

Pakistani Club

Our meetings will be held two days a week. The first day would be for every Pakistani member in the group where we will have quizzes and PowerPoints to show them about school and our community. We will also have activities like making soccer teams, cricket teams, information about jobs and volunteer opportunities. The second day would be only for newcomers in our school. We will show them around, help them in their studies, check if someone is teasing them in school, have food for them, help them with their subjects, tell them about information (geographic and history) about Canada. This way, it will help them make new friends of their own culture. Meetings are Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch in Portable 5. On Tuesdays, the club is open to every Pakistani to walk in and see the activities happening inside. Thursdays, the club is only for newcomers from Pakistan.

Art Council
Tasks that art council typically does involve the Tree of Thanks, Arts Night, Christmas Cards, School Mural, Doodlefest, and other smaller activities inside of the club. Meetings are on Tuesdays after school from 3:15 – 4:30 in Room 111 (Art Room).
Junior Quiz League (JQL)
We hold weekly trivia tournaments in order to assemble a team to attend the Reach for the Top competition. Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 205.
Aviation Club

We hold lessons on aviation and give advice to students who are looking to become pilots. Meetings are Wednesdays at lunch in room 315.


Our club plays the RPG Dungeons and Dragons. Meetings are Wednesdays at lunch in Room 227.

Horticulture Society

Take care of the greenhouse, school gardens (front garden, memorial garden, field garden) and indoor plants. As well, promote a healthy lifestyle through gardening and arouse interest in horticulture in MGCI. At meetings, we will discuss future plans for the plant life, landscaping and management. This includes creating more gardens, expanding/improving existing ones, replacing dead plants, distributing more greenery around the school and maintaining current gardens. Meetings are Wednesdays at lunch in Room 321B (Greenhouse Classroom).

Super Smash Bros. Club

To play super smash bros and enjoy the game, also relieve stress. Meetings are Wednesdays at lunch in Room 217.

Tech Today

We talk about news stories that relate to technology and how they could potentially affect our lives in the future. Meetings are Wednesdays in Room 214.

Diplomacy Club
Diplomacy is a game in which players control one of seven major powers in Europe and strategically either form or betray alliances in order to control Europe. In the Diplomacy Club, competitors will play Diplomacy against fellow challengers over a period of 6 weeks (average length for each game). Played by 2 to 7 players, Diplomacy teaches players negotiation skills, short- and long-term strategy, relationship building and the art of persuasion. For the first few weeks we will spend time learning the game and understanding the objectives. Once everyone is familiar with the fundamentals we will move to actually playing the game and actively working and building the key skills needed to make moves and make gains. Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in Room 233.
MGCI Improv Team
Members are instructed about improvisational drama techniques and may prepare members for the annual competition. Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 246.
MGCI Bridge Club
Meetings include regular freeplay sessions, lessons in which members can learn new strategies from bridge instructors, as well as monthly tournaments where members can compete for prizes. Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in Room 333.
Creative Writing Club
At each meeting, members will be given a topic/prompt to discuss and brainstorm ideas about. Then, they’ll have time to write without any boundaries; they can express themselves in any format, whether it be through essays, poetry, short stories, etc. Members are welcome to share their work with the club to receive feedback or just to hear people’s thoughts and initiate conversation. Occasionally, we plan to host contests where members can submit some of their work and the club will vote on those favourite with the winner receiving a prize! Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in Room 214.
K-Dance MGCI
At meetings, we will learn choreography as well as rehearse any pieces for upcoming performances. Meetings are on Thursdays after school in Room 238 (Dance Room).
Extracurricular Band
Play and perform music and socialize. Sounds of Toronto. Possible festivals and competitions. Meetings are on Thursdays after school from 3:20 to 4:45 in Room 118 (Music Room).
Diversity Crew (Dance Club)
We spend each semester teaching club members 1 or 2 dance pieces, little by little, once a week (twice a week before big performance dates), to be performed at various school concerts/arts events. At meetings, we would warm up and then spend time learning a portion of the dance and tying it together with previously learned steps. Meetings are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays alternating depending on the week, in Room 238 (Dance Room) or in the computer lab or Overlea room in the library.
Culinary Club

In the Culinary Club, students will prepare healthy snacks, learn more about food and nutrition and how healthy eating is delicious, explore the significance of healthy eating, discuss the importance of safety and hygiene, and create surveys and questionnaires for student feedback on the foods made. Meetings are in the main kitchen. Days of meetings are TBD.

Music Council
Plan and prep. Meetings are on Fridays at lunch in Room 118 (Music Room).
MGCI Drama Club
The MGCI Drama club performs at numerous school events such as the Christmas Show and the International Show. In addition, the club trains and sends team members to compete at the NTS Drama Festival and the Canada Improv Games on behalf of MGCI. At meetings, students play a drama game to warm up. Then, they are taught about various acting and script writing techniques, or they rehearse for upcoming performances. Meetings are on Fridays at lunch in the Drama Room.


Black Students Association
Discussions, planning on future events. Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 243.
MGCI Tech Squad
We fix computers around the school for students and teachers and associated staff. We offer training for equipment, and we inventory and move pieces to where they can best be used. We learn how to fix things, and fix things. We follow the task list that is maintained on a Volunteer Group within a Google Classroom, delegate and manage the completion of tasks, and earn volunteer hours. There is an application new members are required to fill out, as members of this club have access to classrooms and offices so they have to be verified as trustworthy, able to work with minimal supervision, able to work safe, and communicate well. We are trying to find about 5 qualified additional members this year. Meetings are on Tuesdays after school from 3:15 to as late as 6:15 in Room 102 (Tech Department). Generally, we try to be done by 5:15. We move around the school with announcements to Caretaking staff to provide access to other rooms for our small travelling repair and maintenance teams.
Speakers will present workshops during each meeting. Meetings are on Wednesdays on Day Ones at lunch in Room 235.
Undercover Kindness
Undercover Kindness holds events throughout the year to make others smile and brighten somebody’s day. At meetings, we prepare for these events, as they can be quite large. Preparation includes making posters, cards, paintings, and more. Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in Room 235.
Stage Crew
Stage Crew provides technical support to all school “shows” (i.e. International Show, Arts Night), and other events (like assemblies, presentations, etc.) upon request. There are rarely meetings but the few meetings we hold are to train new members in using our equipment. Meetings are typically after school in the cafeteria.
The Reckoner of Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute
Our club publishes monthly to bimonthly print newspapers, as well as regular articles on our website Meetings vary by board: content boards such as News, Editorial and Life Boards edit articles and schedule pieces to be written. Our Web and App Development Board discuss the maintenance of our website and Android app; our Print Board formats and designs the layouts for our printed newspapers; our Outreach board brainstorms fundraising ideas and acts upon them; our Photography and Illustration boards prepare visual aids to enhance the printed paper and our website. Meetings are TBD. No longer accepting members for Semester 1. Application required.


Chess Club
During meetings, students are free to play tournament-style chess games against one another. They can also review games and practice tactics. Chess club also offers a variety of chess tournaments. Training sessions will be held for those wishing to compete in tourneys. Here, they will be taught essential chess skills and strategies, undergoing intensive training before the tournament date. Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in Room 219.
Table Tennis Club
We play table tennis for fun and maybe join the TDSB league. We play table tennis at meetings. Meetings are on Thursdays after school in the Weight Room.


The Don River Law Society
DRLS runs weekly meetings at lunch. In these meetings, students may interact with guest speakers, listen to law-related presentations, prepare for interclub competition, and above all, ask questions regarding the study and practice of law. DRLS invites students to partake in two different law competitions, OJEN Mock Trial and the Charter Challenge. For Mock Trial, students are selected to participate on the 6-8 person DRLS team, prepare a criminal case, and present it in front of judges. For Charter Challenge, students argue in a Charter challenge case as the appellant or respondent and try to justify their side. DRLS helps prepare students and provides editing and general guidance throughout the process. Meetings are on Mondays at lunch in Room 233.
MGCI Robotics Team
We are a competing team. There are two regional competitions that attend annually, as well as a potential in house sumobot league between sub-teams. Weekly meetings are for groups to plan, build, and test their robots for events. Meetings are on Mondays at lunch in Room 224. Application required.
Computer Science Club
Computer Science Club teaches students about competitive programming and discusses problems. Meetings are on Mondays at lunch in Room 224.
Neuroscience Club
Students will observe how neuroscience applications are being used to help different types of people, and the developing technology in the field, as it is currently an expanding field. Students will also learn about how to prepare for the brain bee competition, which is held in the University of Toronto in the spring. Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 328.
Math Club
Math Club holds lessons and problem discussions. It is also responsible for registration for math contests. Meetings are on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 329.
Game Development Club

Club members will work together to create games and teach new members. Meetings are Wednesdays at lunch in Room 224.

MGCI Debate Club
Weekly debate meetings: impromptu motion, 15 minutes prep time, abridged BP/ full Canadian Parliamentary debate. Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Portable 4.
Marc Garneau Investing Club

Discuss recent news and partake in the trading of securities. Explain and practice pitch decks. Conduct simulations, compare our returns with the S&P 500, and dictate future investments based on those results. Meetings are on Wednesdays, bi-weekly, at lunch in Room 237.

Programming and Web Development Club
We teach and help with programming from ICS & TEJ classes of all grades. Help them with personal projects of their own, assignments and homework. We will also help with web design and assignments from multimedia classes. We will also converse about things happening in the computer and technology world. We will also teach the students the fundamentals of computers and web design in general.  Meetings are on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 223.
Student-Run Mathematics

This club will focus on answering and discussing interesting/fun math questions that club members bring up or have questions about. It will also tutor students on curriculum questions if necessary. Meetings will consist of students asking questions and other club members answering them. Meetings are on Wednesday at lunch in Room 331.

Target Alpha
We teach financial vocabulary, compete in stock competitions, prepare for and model conferences and stock pitches. Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in Room 242.
MGCI Physics Club
MGCI Physics Club lectures students on physics concepts, discusses exciting physics news with students, provides students with interesting problems to solve, and exposes students to experiments. Each class begins with a discussion about a physics topic, followed by questions and the solutions. Occasionally, experiments will be designed for students to try. The lab equipment will be provided. Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in Room 335.
Biology Club
We teach biology concepts, work through example questions with students, and do simple experiments to demonstrate ideas in biology. Meetings are on Fridays at lunch in Room 311.
Chemistry Society
We will be doing chemistry lectures, contest prep, and experiments that are both in and out of the secondary school curriculum to expose students to reactions they may not have learned. Meetings are on Fridays at lunch in Room 311.
MGCI Mentors
As mentors, participants will be placed in a classroom where they can use their knowledge to act as an assistant teacher and address students who require extra guidance throughout their academic pursuits. During meetings, we hold training sessions and get updates on students’ respective progress as mentors. This way, we know what each mentor has been doing well and what they can improve on. Meetings are on Fridays, bi-weekly, at lunch in Room 217. Application required to be a mentor, all students welcome to ask about getting a mentor!
French Club
Throughout the semester, we will explore French books and magazines that will help introduce students to reading materials that will allow them to exercise their reading comprehension. In addition, we will practice speaking French through fun activities like card games and board games. The club will also hold movie screenings of French films and documentaries to help students practice their listening skills while gaining an appreciation for French cinematography. The club is open to everyone, from beginners interested in learning French to those taking French courses at the school. The club also welcomes those looking for support and homework help, providing students a great way to practice and study their French. Meetings are on Fridays at lunch in Room 205.
Future Medical Professionals
We discuss different interests and we help our members find opportunities to try many different health science professions and activities, such as volunteering at an animal shelter, a hospital, becoming a lifeguard… etc. We also help guide them on the way; prep them for interviews and go over their choices. Meetings are on Fridays, bi-weekly, at lunch in Room 212.
Weekly meetings consist of tips and guidelines to prepare students for the business competition at the regional, provincial and even at the international level. Furthermore, we hold celebratory meetings after competitive benchmarks to celebrate student success and achievement. Meetings are TBD. No longer accepting members for 2018/19. Application required.
HOSA MGCI is a chapter of HOSA, which is an international healthcare organization that revolves around creating opportunities in healthcare with a particular focus on students. Our club mainly prepares members for the national and international conferences which take place in March and June, respectively. This process most often entails of the allocation of study materials, physical materials for demonstrations, and schedules. We also have dedicated training coordinators who oversee member’s progress with tailored assessments and plans. General meetings are usually for information and upcoming events, such as the national conference. A presentation is given about the topic at hand and any pertinent questions are answered. Smaller meetings are also orchestrated between training coordinators and their cohorts to check in on progress and work on certain skills individually. Meetings are TBD once a month in Room 103G. No longer accepting members for 2018/19. Application required.