It’s Valentine’s Day 2019 at Marc Garneau and love—no, pollen—filled the air. Courtesy of MGCI Key Club’s Rose Sale, roses were delivered throughout the day to lucky students. Candy grams organized by Undercover Kindness also made their rounds.

Key Club delivered roses to students. Image: Jessica Xiong

Key Club sold roses with a personalized message for  $3.00 each and two for $5.00. Sales were held in the cafeteria from February 4th to 13th. 121 flowers were delivered throughout the day during periods 1 and 2 by members of Key Club. Maggie Xu, the club’s president thought “the rose sale went really well.” She said, “I am very proud of the planning that we did to make this event a success.”

The candy grams consisting of a handwritten note attached to a Lindt chocolate were free to send. Around 250 of them were delivered on Valentine’s Day during periods 1 and 2. Advertised on MGCI’s Facebook page, students could opt to fill out a Google form listing the recipient’s name, their period 2 class and a customized message. They also had the option to come to the Undercover Kindness booth in the Cafeteria to fill out a form. This is the second year Undercover Kindness has delivered candy grams, beginning last year to spread love and happiness during the Valentine season. Undercover Kindness, in accordance with all their other activities, wanted to support the idea that kindness is free, which is why they offered candy grams at no charge. They funded the chocolates using the proceeds from Unhealthy Food Sales as well as the $6 000 USD grant they received last year after winning the Class Act Award from the Random Acts Organization, given out for demonstrating a positive environment . The club is planning to continue the event next year. Undercover Kindness President Caryn Qian reminded students that although the spirit of Valentine’s Day is valuable, “Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a one day occurrence. Make sure to love yourself and others every day.”

The candy grams and roses were well received by students. Marzan Hamid, a Grade 12 student, commented, “I loved the candy grams and was really impressed by the quality of the roses.” Valentine’s Day at MGCI was punctuated by deliveries of roses and chocolates, events that are sure to be continued and appreciated next year.