Broken Wings

He was a different kind of person. Different from those preppy kids, those nerds, those jocks. A commentary by Jean Wu.

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Why So Serious?

Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans? You? Don’t lie. I’ll bet you eat in them, sleep in them, run in them, groove in them. You just want to drown your sexy legs in them. Everybody does. Jeans are the epitome of fun, the embodiment of allure, the essence of all that is ridiculous, wild, and crazy. Sure, cargo pants are practical, dress pants are double-oh-seven, sweat pants are comfy but why even consider them when there are jeans? Uncomfortable? Insolent? Impractical? Hell no. Chic. Bold. Fantabulous. Don’t agree? Guess you’re just not rock star enough ‘cause laughter, love, and living, that’s what it’s all about. First, learn to laugh. Laugh out of pure joy. BAM! We’re here. Feeling like we’re living the teenage dream in our faded jeans, we pant as we reach the top of Mont Ventoux, a legendary climb, part of the Tour de France. On an impulse, the group of us decided, what the heck. Sounds like fun. And now, we are at the top. Our jeans are muddy, our skin grimy, our hair in knots, but as our smiles shine, our laughter echoes, and our hearts feel accomplished, we couldn’t have cared less.  Time to rule the world, might as well give us the crowns and capes now. First things first though, take out the stereo, blast that music, g-get up and dance! We...

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Is There Ever Enough?

When we were little, a five-dollar bill, a couple of coins, a single loonie meant a lot. It meant that bar of chocolate, that bag of chips, that box of candy. We saw our parents’ loose change, wished for weekly allowance or a reward for a job well done. We hoped that the few jingling coins would give us what our youthful minds desired more than anything in the entire world, a world where the power of a single dollar, four quarters, ten dimes, twenty nickels, a hundred pennies ruled everything. Then, we were teenagers. We wanted those iPods, MP3s, laptops, Gameboys, any gadgets our friends had,  any invention we absolutely, devastatingly ‘needed’ to survive in our world, a new world. As we walk down the streets, through the malls, into the cinemas, our eyes lit up with excitement at all the possibilities: the new shirts, new jeans, the fastest computer, the trendiest backpack, the best bike. Soon, those pennies weren’t enough anymore, not enough to quench the thirst of our wanting hands and yearning hearts. And here we are. We are grown-up. We now live in a world where minds swim with the image of a dollar sign, wallets are never full enough, bank balances can never have too many zeros. Between the cars, houses, travel, good food, presents and babies, pennies are worthless; dimes and nickels don’t...

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