Jackie Ho

MGCI’s Ideas for Toronto

Over the past year, the Toronto Star and the Martin Prosperity Institute asked readers and residents of Toronto for big ideas and realistic solutions that they would like to see in Toronto. As a part of their Big Ideas series, a top ten list of ideas has been voted on by the public and results are available on thestar.com. The Reckoner has surveyed about 300 students at Marc Garneau CI asking students “what do you most want to see in Toronto?” A list of 22 ideas was listed, and students chose the top ten that they supported. The above graph...

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Humans of Garneau: 5 Jun

“I like to sing and play guitar. I had a friend back in Pakistan, about 2 years ago, who played guitar. He didn’t really sing, but we sang and played guitar together. This is my first year in Canada and we keep in touch with Skype.”

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