Andrew Liang

NBA Today: 24 March 2019

  Game of the Night: Hornets vs. Raptors The Raptors nearly rallied back from a 12 point deficit heading into the fourth, but Jeremy Lamb’s last-second heave from half-court dashed the Raptor’s hopes. We lost 115-114. The Raptors’ starters of today’s game performed admirably, outscoring the opposition handily to build a good lead heading into the second quarter, but the bench really lost the game tonight. OG, McCaw, Ibaka, and Jeremy Lin were outscored a combined 43 in 49 player minutes or so. The Klaw lead all scorers with his 28 points and added 9 rebounds. Siakam chipped in...

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Measles—WHO cares

Measles is back. And it’s not pretty.   The measles virus is the root of a highly contagious disease—measles. And by highly contagious, I mean uber-contagious (an infected person could sneeze on the streets and walking on that same street hours later could infect you). Fortunately, there’s a vaccine for measles!   Unfortunately, not everyone is taking this vaccine! And therein lies the problem: a few people go unvaccinated and—bam! All of a sudden you could have thousands of cases in a matter of days. Here’s the thing: there’s a little something call herd immunity. Essentially, it means that...

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