Andrew Liang

NBA Weekly Oct. 27

Game Highlights of the Week: By Chen Peng and Brenan Sri   Lakers vs Clippers:  102-112  On their first game of the season at the city of Los Angeles, California, Kawhi and the Clippers showed to the world that they are “The Team,” beating the Lakers 112-102.  NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard had a massive showing that night, finishing off with 30 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists whilst completely suppressing the Laker’s offence lead by Lebron James and Anthony Davis.  This proves to be concerning for a Laker’s organization hell-bent on winning the 2019-2020 playoffs. They were completely eclipsed by their LA rival even when they were missing their second superstar, Paul George, due to shoulder surgery. Lebron’s new role in the Lakers’ offence as a point guard (in an attempt to provide Davis with more scoring opportunities with James facilitating the offence) may have been the cause of their defeat as he struggled to maintain his presence on offence. Thus, Lakers need to figure out a system where both James and Davis can coexist to win.  As for the Clippers, their vigorous defence took to new heights with the addition of Leonard, adding to a talented defensive roster, including Patrick Beverley and Montrezl Harrell. When Paul George returns at full strength, the Clippers will definitely become a nightmare for all NBA teams on both ends of the...

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