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Significant Digits: 11 November 2018

38 Seats According to Fivethirtyeight, Democrats are projected to make a net gain of 38 seats in the House of Representatives. Voters, unsatisfied with the Trump administration, gave democrats a strong mandate in the lower house. Returns will likely be coming in throughout next week, so be ready for more updates!   8% Of Torontonians don’t know any of their neighbors, according to a recent study by the Toronto Foundation. Knowing your neighbors correlates with increased civic engagement and lower risk of alzheimer’s in old age. Me personally? The last time I spoke to my neighbors was the last...

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Significant Digits: 2 November 2018

40.5 Million People live in slavery, according to a recent report by The Why Foundation. The slave trade permeates every part of our society, from the Central American children forced to pick the cocoa that goes into your chocolate, to the Congolese forced labourers who mine the Tantalum in your cell phone.   12 Pipe Bombs Were sent to various Trump critics this week. The explosive devices were sent to various high profile politicians and Democratic donors, including the Obamas, the Clintons, and the New York CNN offices. No one was hurt, and a suspect is in custody.   $10M Dollar Reward Is being offered for whoever can solve the murders of Barry and Honey Sherman, one of Canada’s richest couples. The family grew frustrated with the ongoing police investigation after they ignored several key pieces of evidence early on, initially refusing to even categorize it as a homicide.   Up to 1000 According to a recent White house document, that’s how many troops the Trump administration is planning to send to the southern border to intercept the “caravan” of Central American migrants, who are fleeing horrible violence in their home countries.   930 miles In brighter news, there’s a 930 mile long cloud that just appeared on Mars you guys! The cloud is largely made of water ice, and is hanging over the volcano Arsia Mons. Is it...

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Significant Digits: 20 October 2018

15 Men That’s how many people entered the Saudi consulate in Ankara after dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi on October 2nd. They included several members of the Crown Prince’s security detail, and an autopsy expert. They carried a bone saw. Mr Khashoggi did not exit that consulate. 50% Women Two African nations, Ethiopia and Rwanda announced this week that their new cabinets will be 50% women. It’s been three years since our prime minister famously declared “It’s 2015!” yet this is a feat still unmatched by most first world countries. 13 Million People Are at risk of starvation in Yemen, according to a recent UN report. The Saudi led war in Yemen has raged for 3 years now, being dubbed “The worst man-made humanitarian crisis of our time”. You can donate to famine relief today at 1000m Of spiderwebs are covering the area around Lake Vistonida in northern Greece, coating trees, fences, and fields like a thick coat of snow. This arachnophobe’s nightmare was caused as unseasonably warm temperatures increased populations of gnats and mosquitos, the spider’s primary prey. But worry not, the webs are expected to disperse as temperatures cool, and we start to see more rainfall. $30,000 Unhappy about the clubs budgets this year? Just be glad you don’t go to St. Raymond Elementary School in Mississauga, where principal David Clifford was charged with fraud after embezzling...

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Significant Digits: 16 October 2018

5-4 That’s the new conservative majority on the US Supreme Court with the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the seat left vacant by Anthony Kennedy. It’s likely that this majority will last for decades, and activists are worried about the effect on LGBTQ rights, the legality of abortion, and the legality of the Mueller investigation.   52-48 The latest polling on the Brazilian presidential election gives far right leader Jair Bolsonaro a 52-48 lead against socialist mayor Fernando Haddad. Bolsonaro has run on a campaign of anti-corruption and deep conservatism, repeatedly expressing nostalgia for the military dictatorship. Haddad has tried to invoke the hope of previous Worker’s Party administrators while keeping clear of the deep seated conservatism of his predecessor.   3 That’s how many premierships the Liberal Party has lost since the election of Justin Trudeau in 2013. Depending on the results of coalition negotiations in New Brunswick, the Liberals could be left with only Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Yukon.   2 Goals That’s how many goals sprinting legend Usain Bolt scored in his first game with the Central Coast Mariners. The 9 time olympic gold medallist is in talks with the Australian soccer team to secure a place this season.   60% That was the record turnout in Toronto’s 2014 mayoral election. With advance voting open since Wednesday, now’s your chance...

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