Adil Haider

Toronto’s Taxing Troubles

On 22 October, Torontonians reelected John Tory to a second term in office, and with him a mandate to continue his SmartTrack transit plan, provide wide reaching incentives to developers to build affordable housing, and create a massive new park [2]. While all that is well and good, who’s going to pay for it all? Toronto will face a $388 million funding deficit by 2019, growing to $1.42 billion by 2023, and that’s not including the $30 billion in projects that have been approved, but not funded [1]. How did we get into this situation, and more importantly, how...

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Significant Digits: 16 December 2018

Illustration: Roger Li $436M   In an announcement that surprised absolutely no one, the Ontario Auditor General announced that Metrolinx had wasted $436M with it’s incessant waffling over the past 10 years. Some highlights include: Adding completely unnecessary stations to Line 2 for political reasons, the constant and ridiculous farce that is the Scarborough subway plan and the Sheppard subway extension, and the terrible contracts signed to build the Eglinton Crosstown. I have no words. On the off chance that any city councillor or Metrolinx official is reading this, please, please stop reading high school newspapers and get your...

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