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Significant Digits [2/11/19-8/11/19]

Illustration by Lucy Qi The 5th of November —————————————————————————————————————————————————- Hundreds of protesters in Hong Kong took to the streets on November 5th wearing white Guy Fawkes masks to commemorate both Guy Fawkes Day and the one-month anniversary of Carrie Lam’s ban of the masks, the first invocation of colonial-era emergency powers in over 50 years. Protestors vandalized traffic lights and restaurants thought to be pro-Beijing as police fired water cannons into the crowds. Although fewer people are protesting now compared to the millions in June, the amount of violence and vandalism has increased; 3 people were in critical condition...

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Fear and Loathing in Miami: Night One

The first Democratic Presidential Primary debates were held on June 26th in Miami, Florida. With 10 candidates up on stage, and topics veering wildly between gun control and climate change, the economy and impeachment, the debate was difficult for anyone to follow. So let’s break the night down, candidate by candidate.

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